June 2010

What's On in the City this Weekend?

The summer is an amazing time for festivals in Victoria Park.  Victoria Park covers 18 + acres in the northeast part of downtown London and we are just minutes away!  You’re always minutes away when you live downtown.

This weekend, VP hosts the International Food Festival.  What a great chance to expose our little girl to foods from all around the world.  Of course we have to lead by example.  That may be a challenge…


Who said raising children had to take place in the suburbs?  Was it that same person that said you had to raise a child on a property with a section of grass that qualified as a backyard?  Is it ‘crazy’ to move to a downtown, high-rise condo?  I say NOT!  And this is my story…

Follow my adventure as I (along with my husband) raise my daughter in the heart of downtown London, Ontario.

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