Salt Therapy – Review & Giveaway

Flotation Therapy

Have you ever experienced complete weightlessness while your mind gave in to complete relaxation?

Flotation Therapy 

I hadn’t either until I visited Salt Therapy Health & Wellness Centre on Oxford Street in London. 

Flotation Therapy

To begin, you are welcomed into a warm and inviting private room in which you can control the lighting, music and temperature. There is a dressing area, a sink, towels, hairdryer and toiletries, a state of the art shower and of course the sensory deprivation floatation tank. 

Flotation Room
Flotation Tank


The tank is filled with 800 pounds of Epsom salts which allows you to find your ideal float position and experience a gravity-free feeling much like the Dead Sea. 

I was a little intimidated when I first peered into the tank. It appears small, but in actuality there is quite a lot of room. You can also choose to have spa-type music in the tank with the lights on or off. Within minutes I found myself so completely comfortable that I chose complete darkness. And I’m slightly claustrophobic so that is saying a lot! 

It took me a few minutes to let my mind go. It’s hard to achieve complete relaxation in today’s fast paced world. Once I did I let go I was in a Zen state and soon found the sensation of having no physical body. 

I could picture the wear and tear and stressors leaving my body as my joints relaxed. And with the absence of noise and distractions I was truly able to focus my mind on me. That is rare. 

After my floatation therapy I emerged from the tank with the feeling that I had just received the world’s greatest massage and a two-hour nap all in one. I was in a completely natural state of relaxation. I finished off with a soothing shower using the Dead Sea products provided. 

The benefits of floatation therapy:

• Physical and mental de-stressing
• Clinically proven as an effective approach to treating stress, anxiety and depression
• Deep muscular relaxation
• Rejuvenated energy levels
• Accelerated healing of injuries
• Deep relaxation, encouraging easier and deeper sleep
• Clinically proven to help people with Fibromyalgia, joint pain, and muscle tension relief
• Stimulated creativity
• Enhanced performance using visualization
• Relief from inflammation
• Unhealthy Skin, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis
• Hydrate or firm the skin 

Salt Room Therapy

Salt Therapy is used to reduce symptoms from various respiratory conditions using a drug free and natural therapy called Speleotherapy. 

There are two Salt Therapy rooms; one for children and one for adults. I was able to try out the children’s room with little S as she often ends up in children’s emergency for respiratory infections. 



The salt rooms locally simulate the treatment caves found in a salt mine in the Ukraine. The rooms are constructed from solid salt blocks mined from over 300 meters deep in the ground caves, imported to Canada and carefully constructed into the walls that make up the rooms. 

Little S loves going to Salt Therapy to play with the toys in the room and she loves the sandbox feel of the salt on the floor. The room can be booked by multiple families so it can get a little tight but the kids don’t seem to mind. 

After the first and second session we noticed a change in little S. Her breathing became to sound clearer and we were able to stop using her inhaler for the current cold that she had. After the third session, as expected she went into regression mode. A consultation with Jenny from Salt Therapy explains it in far greater detail, but this is the normal process. 

Mucus that sits deep in the lungs, where modern medicine can’t reach is beginning to break up and remove its self. This is how we are able to tell that it’s working. 

Little S needs to complete 10 more sessions to finish the therapy but I am hopeful that we have found a drug free alternative to the steroids commonly prescribed to treat respiratory issues which can have some harsh side effects. 

Speleotherapy is used specifically to treat the symptoms caused by:

• Asthma
• Croup
• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
• Bronchitis and chronic bronchitis
• Chronic cough
• Allergies
• Sinusitis and Rhinitis
• Ear infections
• Emphysema
• Snoring
• Lung disease
• Nasal polyps
• Enhance sports performance for athletes
• Cleansing of the lungs for ex-smokers 

Based on my experiences at Salt Therapy, my research and Jenny’s information, I highly recommend both of these unique and natural therapies. I hope you’ll pop in to see Jenny for a free consultation. 


This has to be the most exciting giveaway done on City Mom to date! 

Today you can enter to win a complimentary float in the Epsom salt tank ($80 value) and an assortment of Dead Sea products

First Entry (must be done before Extra Entries) 

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Extra Entries 

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1.  The contest is open to Canadian Residents only. 

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3.  A winner will be selected randomly from the comments entered using 

4.  Winner will be contacted at the email address used upon entry.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond to the email. 

5.  The winner’s name will be provided to Salt Therapy and will be able to call in to book their appointment and pick up their gift pack of Dead Sea products. 

Good luck and enjoy learning more about Salt Therapy! 

City Mom

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