Fabulous Female Friday – Meighen From The Job Shoppe

Fabulous Female Friday

Fabulous Female Friday

It is with great pleasure that I feature an old friend today, Meighen, as March’s first Fabulous Female.

Meighen is another RMC alumnus.  We shared classrooms, hallways and I’m sure the odd bit of gossip. 

As time goes by and we move on with our busy lives we lose touch.  But thanks to Facebook, I have been able to stay in touch with Meighen and keep up on her life. And this is how I came to know that Meighen was definitely a fabulous female and worthy of this title on City Mom.  I really enjoyed getting to know her better through this interview and learning more about her business, The Job Shoppe.

I admire Meighen’s hard work, ambition and her ability to manage it all.  I love that she knew what she wanted at a young age and made it happen.  You’ll see what I mean…read on.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Meighen; I currently live in Lakeshore, which is just outside of Windsor.  I am known as “Mommy” to two beautiful boys, Lucah (3 yrs), Noah (10 months) and our 4-year-old Boxer, Montana.   

My husband, Tony and I were married in 2005 and although only 5 years ago, I cannot imagine my life without him by my side.

As a family we love to take long scenic car rides…okay it may have been initially used as a sleeping tool for the kids, but has now turn into a means of insightful conversations and great real estate finds!

A part-time hobby of ours is purchasing, renovating and flipping residential homes…we have learned quite a bit from watching HGTV between episodes of Harry and the Dinosaurs and Special Agent OSO.

And for work I own and operated a Recruitment and Human Resource firm called The Job Shoppe. 

Tell us about The Job Shoppe.

The Job Shoppe is a full service Human Resources firm specializing in Recruitment, Training & Development and Individual & Group Coaching.

Our first office opened in Windsor in 2003 and since has grown to an operation of four offices servicing Windsor, London, Kitchener and Mississauga. 

The clients we represent range from Private, Public, Government and Not-for-Profit organizations in industries spanning from Public Accounting Firms to Industrial & Manufacturing Plants.  www.thejobshoppe.com

How did you begin The Job Shoppe?

During University I had known that opening a business was in the cards, I just did not know which direction I would end up.  One of my course subjects was Entrepreneurship and the final grade was dependant on a comprehensive business plan.  This was the beginning planning stages of The Job Shoppe…then of course nameless. 

I just started knocking on doors… and meeting new people!

How do you manage the busy life of a successful company president and being a mom?

I believe, like a lot of moms out there that work and have kids, a schedule is a must have.  I am a very detailed person and have to have every “to do” clearly outlined.

I also have an amazing support system, my family is truly exceptional.  At times I can be called out-of-town, last-minute meetings, potential business opportunities and my family helps out with the kids so I am able to attend.

At times just being away from home can be very challenging… the days where I am gone early in the morning and when I walk in the door the kids are already down for the night.   Or when I miss a milestone; first tooth or first word.  My husband is so great, he waits until I see the new tooth or hear the first word and pretends like that was the first time it happened…so I don’t feel like I missed it. 

What’s your favourite thing about being a mom?

There are so many things I just love about being a mom;  I love how my sons just adore mommy and daddy, I love that I get to re-live my favourite childhood memories this time through their eyes, I love that I get to watch the boys grow and learn new things every day!  I could go on and on..

What are you working on next?

I am taking an Executive Masters of Business at Queen’s University along with growing The Job Shoppe as a license partnership in Western Canada.

What has influenced you and inspired you?

My inspiration comes from a number of things; music, a passionate teacher or speaker, an effective team, a challenge, a win, my family and friends.

My influences have come from my family, friends, mentors, and my spiritually.

What advice would you give to women in business?

 “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
— Dr. Seuss

What’s the last song you listened to on your iPod?

 Sarah McLachlan “Adia”

What’s the last book you read?

“Are You My Mother?”  by Dr. Seuss


Thank you so much to Meighen for participating in Fabulous Female Friday.  Be sure to check out The Job Shoppe on Facebook.

City Mom

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