Continuing with the New Me Project


A couple of months ago you may recall my experience with the Dr.Sara DETOX program at Life With Baby here in London. It was a huge success for me. I learned so many things about food and my health,  I lost 10 lbs and I gained a sense of control over my eating habits.

Now, on the path of clean eating I have found myself at a plateau. I am maintaining my current weight and feeling well. But I must admit that there are still things about my body I’m not satisfied with.

The funny thing is I do like my body but there’s something missing. While my eating is under control there’s a huge aspect of my health that I have been ignoring and that is exercising. I play soccer, both indoor and out, but once a week just isn’t enough.

I’m ready to shed that last, stubborn 10 lbs and increase my strength, muscle tone and bring out the positive aspects of my body. I have a muscular build but when it’s not in shape, it does nothing for me.


The next step in becoming the ‘new me’ is about complimenting my clean eating regimen with a physical training program. Thanks to Bernice Robinson, Personal Trainer at Life With Baby, I am on the road to achieving my goals.

Bernice is not just a personal trainer; she’s a mom of two young children and a wife. She knows firsthand the challenges women face while caring for their families, pursuing their careers and trying to find time to take care of their bodies.

Bernice also has a number of certifications and education:

  • University of Waterloo- Bachelors Degree specializing in Science and Kinesiology
  • ACE Certification in Personal Training
  • ACE Certification in Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • CPTN certification specializing in Athletic Conditioning


The first step of my new program involved meeting with Bernice, in her sunny, quaint studio at Life With Baby. We went through a series of questions such as health history, food habits and goal setting.

Flat out Bernice asked me what my goals were, first my short-term goal and next my long-term goal.


My short-term goal (4 – 6 weeks) is to lose 5 lbs and increase my strength.  Bernice guided me in what to expect. For example, I may see the number on the scale rise at first as I build more muscle, but my body fat percentage will decrease. Sounds good to me! It’s helpful to know this information because it could be quite frustrating to see the number rise when all you want is to see it fall.


Next we discussed my long-term goal, and this one I’m most excited for. Since having my daughter, I have not worn a bikini in a public setting. I guess technically I could get away with it, but I just don`t have the confidence.

In February I’ll be going on a Caribbean vacation with my entire family and during this trip I want to strut around in a teeny-weeny bikini. Well maybe not teeny-weeny, but a two-piece none-the-less. Bernice said that`s going to happen. That`s just 3 months away!

I am ecstatic at the thought of this. I am picturing myself lean and in shape and I am thrilled. I want my body to reflect how I feel on the inside and it only makes sense that this is the next step in my project.

Check back for updates on the New Me Project and share your encouragement, success stories and challenges you’ve faced with achieving the ideal you. I’ll also be sharing tips and lessons learned through working with Bernice, and there may be an opportunity for you too. Stay tuned!

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