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June in London! {#LdnOnt}


I can’t believe that tomorrow it will be June 1st. To risk sounding cliché, I’ll say time flies when you’re having fun! Where did the winter go? And with this weather, where did the spring go?

There’s lots of fun stuff going on this June in London, and while this is not a complete list of all going on in, I wanted to share some of the family friendly events taking place in our great city.


Sponsored by the Old South Community Organization, you can visit this gem of a neighbourhood in London to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the gathering.

You’ll enjoy an all day BBQ, a visit to Charlotte’s Tea Garden and view a Bicycle Parade. There will also be a silent auction, dunk tank, children’s area, craft & plant vendors and much more.

  • Where: Wortley Village, London
  • When: Saturday June 2, 2012
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • Cost: Free admission
  • For more info: Visit


It’s springtime on the farm at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. You’ll get to meet the farm animals that live in the village, see planting of the spring crops in the farm fields and view demonstrations of sheep shearing and sheep herding!

  • Where: Fanshawe Pioneer Village
  • When: June 2 & 3, 2012
  • Time: 10am – 4:30pm
  • Cost: Regular admission, $7 (children under 3 are free)
  • For more information: Visit


Go celebrate the YMCA’s Children’s Safety Village’s 11th Annual birthday. From a mini-parade to face painting to safety displays, there will be lots to do at this once a year, open to the public event. The YMAC Children’s Safety Village is otherwise only open to school visits.

  • Where: The YMCA Children’s Safety Village
  • When: Sunday June 3, 2012
  • Time: 12pm – 4pm
  • Cost: Free! Event the entrance fee to the Fanshawe Conservation Area is free that day for those attending.
  • For more info: Visit


Have you visited the Historic Woodfield area before? Even though I live only a few blocks away, I must admit that I wasn’t aware of this historic spot in London. Thankfully I became aware of it just in time to share the info about the neighbourhood’s fun street fair.

Enjoy music, food, games, carriage rides, a BBQ and café and visit the Woodfield Shop and more.

  • Where: Historic Woodfield – Princess Ave (Palace St. to William St. will be closed to cars)
  • When: Saturday June, 9, 2012 (rain date June 10)
  • Time: 11am – 3pm
  • Cost: Free to attend, various costs for specific things.
  • For more info: Visit


In our house we wait all winter for ‘festival season’ to start at Victoria Park and finally it has arrived with the Kids Expo. You can enjoy all sorts of fun activities with your children including rides, games, food and face painting.

  • Where: Victoria Park
  • When: June 15 – 17, 2012
  • Time: 11am – 9pm each day
  • Cost: Various costs for ride tickets or $15 for an All Day Ride bracelet (parents ride free)
  • For more info: Visit


Are you hungry? If not, you will be after reading about this event!

From Portuguese, to Serbian to Greek cuisine, there will be over 50 different food vendors to choose from at this culinary celebration!

  • Where: Victoria Park
  • When: June 22 – 24, 2012
  • Time: 11am – 11pm each day
  • Cost: Entrance to park is free
  • For more info: Visit

If you know of other family friendly events taking place in June, please feel free to share them in a comment below! And I hope you enjoy all your weekends in June!

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No lawn, no garden? No way!


I love gardening. The thought of growing my food really excites me. Living in a high-rise condo with only a concrete balcony for outdoor space kind of limits you in terms of exploring your green thumb. Or so I thought…

I had heard talk of something called a ‘lasagna garden’ or the ‘no-dig garden’ and it piqued my interest. I did some research, asked some questions and decided this option was going to work well for our living situation.

I found a lot of my inspiration from a site called No Dig Vegetable Garden. I created my materials list and set out to some of the garden centres to collect what I needed. It turned out to be a very easy endeavour and one that provided an excellent learning opportunity for Little S.

She loved getting dirty (minus the cow-poo) and enjoyed planting her favourite vegetables. It was a nice activity for us to spend time together outdoors while learning about healthy eating. We discussed the importance of including vegetables in our diets and the benefits of creating your own, organic garden.  I would highly recommend this activity for you and your kids.


Step 1: Create Your Frame

If you’re like me, and you only have a concrete slab for outdoor space, you’ll want to build a frame for your garden. This will help to contain the soil and plants. My dad built mine for me so I can’t really speak to the effort required. Thanks Dad!

I took the measurements for the size I envisioned our garden to be and shared them with my dad. He was able to use odds and ends of wood pieces to create the frame. I stressed that this garden didn’t need to be ‘pretty’.


Layer newspaper

You’ll want to think about drainage. We drilled some holes in the bottom of the base to allow water to pass through. Another option is to cover the bottom with twigs and branches to create a drainage system.

Next, we covered the bottom of our garden with newspaper. We made sure to layer up the newspaper, allowing the edges to overlap. Next we watered the paper very generously. Over time, the newspaper will decompose and will add to the richness of the soil.

Water the newspaper


After the newsprint was layered and wet, we added our peat moss layer. I chose a straight a Sphagnum Peat Moss with nothing added.  I followed the peat moss with a layer of compost soil and then followed with a layer of organic cow manure.

Peat Moss

We repeated this layering process three more times and then watered the mixture. The materials I chose were based on my research and based on my particular needs. But you can layer your garden with anything from coffee grounds to mulched leaves to food compost; the more organic, the richer the growing environment.

oragnice manure


Now it was on to planting. If you do your research you can find out the best types of fruits and vegetables to grow in your particular environment. Things to consider are the amount of space you have, the amount of sun exposure you will receive and the amount of weather exposure your garden may get.

We chose to plant cherry tomatoes, red peppers, parsley, basil, banana peppers, beans and carrots. These are some of our favourite vegetable and herbs but the list is really endless.

What I love about our garden, which I have affectionately named ‘ My It doesn’t have to be perfect garden’ is the flexibility you get with this type of set up. I didn’t want it to be too difficult to create or to maintain and I love the fact that over the years I can add to my soil makeup with other natural ingredients. With this garden, truly anything goes.

Lasagna Garden

What are your gardening plans for this season? Do you have tips to share? What are your favourite foods to grow?

Happy gardening everyone!

Finding the right dishwasher detergent {Giveaway}


If you’ve been following along with my FINISH posts, you’ll know that I’m a changed woman when it comes to my dish cleaning habits. Before becoming a FINISH Ambassador, I wasn’t a FINISH customer but I am now, and forever will be. I’ve had such a great experience putting FINISH Quantum to the test!

Today you can enter to win 2 boxes of FINISH Quantum to try it out for yourself and I guarantee once you try it  you’ll never go back. I’m also going to share some tips to finding the right dishwasher detergent and you’ll find out why FINISH is the way to go.


There are two types of cleaning agents that make up dishwasher detergents:

  1. Enzymes cleaning agent:  break down protein and starch stains. You’ll know that your detergent includes enzymes if your dishes covered in eggs, oatmeal or macaroni & cheese come out clean. If your washes are leaving these foods behind then your detergent probably doesn’t have the enzymes cleaning agent.
  2. Bleach cleaning agent: likes higher a temperature wash and will pick up where enzymes left off in the wash cycle.


FINISH Quantum contains both the enzymes and bleach cleaning agents. This is important for a couple of different reasons:

  1. Enzymes are effective in lower temperature washes like at the beginning of the wash cycle. As the main wash goes on, the temperature increases and enzymes die off at 140 degrees.
  2. As mentioned above, the bleach picks up where the enzymes left off.  Normally Enzymes are killed by bleach, which is why gels don’t work as well; bleach would kill enzymes before usage.  The Quantum capsules protect the enzymes from the bleach because the wall in the tab separates it them.


  1. White Powder
    • Enzymes
    • Bleach Activator
  2. Light Blue Powder
    • Bleach
    • Builders
  3. Red PowerBall Shine Gel
    • Surface active ingredients (rinse function)
  4. PVOH Shell (made from same lining as vitamin capsules)
    • 3 separate compartments
    • Separation of ingredients
    • Dissolves completely
    • Lowers surface tension of water

So there you have it, the science behind why FINISH Quantum works so well and why I’m a lifelong user! Now to get you some FINISH Quantum…


Today on City Mom, one Canadian reader will win 2 boxes of FINISH Quantum. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below…good luck!

Disclosure: I am part of the Finish Blogger Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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Things to do in London May 24 Weekend 2012 {#LdnOnt}

Local Events Listing London Ontario

Thank you for visiting City Mom. If you have arrived at this post looking for Victoria Day activities in London, ON for 2016, please visit this link for a listing of events for 2016.

City Mom

Cinco de Mayo: Lysol Fabric Mist Saved the Day!


Lysol Fabric Mist

I know the title of this post probably didn’t make much sense to you at first. How do Cinco de Mayo and Lysol Fabric Mist relate to each other? Well I’m here to share that they go together very well.

Little S had a Cinco de Mayo celebration at school last week and each family was invited to make a traditional Mexican food item to share. With our recent trip to Mexico and my temporary addiction to churros, I decided to make a homemade batch to share with her class.

Making churros is pretty easy. You just need a few ingredients like flour, sugar, cinnamon and oil; lots and lots of oil. They turned out pretty well and word on the street was that they were a hit in the classroom, but our condo was left with a very strong smell of cooking oil.

My clothes smelled, my hair smelled and the entire place reeked of deep-fried leftovers. When you’d walk into our place after being out, it was extremely noticeable. After a day or two it really started to bother me. I lit candles, sprayed room deodorizer, opened the windows but nothing seemed to clear the air.


Then I remembered the Lysol Fabric Mist that I had received as part of my Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador package and I realized that there’d be no better time to test it out. So I got to work. I sprayed a few times on the couch and the carpet in the living room and then the carpet in our front hall and then left it alone.

I don’t know what happened next, because until I sat down to write this post, I hadn’t even thought about the leftover odour in our condo. I must have gotten busy with other things and forgotten about using the mist. Clearly the smell had disappeared and so quickly that I didn’t even have time to think about it.

So would I recommend Lysol Fabric Mist to others? Absolutely! If it can get rid of my Cinco de Mayo deep-fried churros remnants then I’m confident that it can get rid of any odour!


Here are some more facts about Lysol Fabric Mist:

  • Eliminates tough odours around the house such as cooking, sweat and smells from cleaning/personal care products
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria on fabrics, therefore eliminating the root cause of odours caused by the bacteria

And checkout the Lysol Canada Facebook page to learn more about Lysol Fabric Mist like the three yummy scents it comes in.


What’s the most difficult odour you have tried to eliminate? Or, what stinky situation do you currently have that you think you could put Lysol Fabric Mist to the test with?

I look forward to hearing your stories!

Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

Win 2 Tickets to #Timeraiser in #LdnOnt


Have you heard of the event called Timeraiser? If you have, skip to the bottom for a chance to enter to win two tickets to this sold out event. If you’re not familiar with this really cool event keep reading.


Timeraiser is a unique event that helps to match individuals looking to contribute to the community and perform volunteer work with the perfect venues to do so. But it’s more than that…it’s also a silent auction but instead of bidding with your cash, you bid with your time!

Throughout the evening, meet with different agencies and match your skills to their needs. Once you have made your matches, you are eligible to bid on artwork. The big twist is rather than bid money, you bid volunteer hours.


When: Thursday May 10, 2012
• 7:00 pm Doors Open
• Volunteer Matching Begins
• 8:30 pm Art Auction Begins
• 9:30 pm Art Auction Ends
• 10:00 pm Final announcements

Where: Arts Project, 203 Dundas Street, London, ON

Tickets: SOLD OUT

Volunteer Pledge: It is recommended that everyone who attends the Timeraiser make a pledge to volunteer a certain number of hours in the community, suggested amount of time is 20 hours. Even if you don’t want to bid on artwork, you can still pledge volunteer hours to the community.


Today on City Mom, you can enter for a chance to win 2 tickets to the London Timeraiser event. Follow the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!!

PS. If you are not planning on entering the giveaway, please share this post out to your contacts anyway to help spread the word! It’s important for our community! Thank you in advance!

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