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This is a fun week on City Mom (well they’re all fun actually) as we meet up with Bernice Robinson, Certified Personal Trainer & BSc Kin, from Bernice Robinson Personal Training Studio. Bernice discusses fitness for pre and postnatal moms as well as the fun classes and personal training services she offers.

This episode was particularly unique for me to film. I am not a fitness pro by any means, but before the filming I had been working with Bernice for a number of months so I had an idea of what we’d be demonstrating on camera. What I didn’t expect was to truly work up a sweat and to have my balance and coordination tested for all to see! It turned out to be a really fun day!


Bernice believes in the philosophy of healthy body, healthy mind. Being a mother of two active, healthy children she also understands that exercise and proper nutrition are extremely important. She extends this to all of her clients and expects them to follow the same mandate.

Bernice is not only effective in her guidance and instruction but she’s a lot of fun to work with. Whether it’s a one-on-one session or a group class, you feel like you’re hanging out with a good friend (who’s going to whip your butt into shape!).

Bernice offers different types of personal training like the one-on-one sessions, couples training and group training. She also provides fun classes that not only increase your fitness level and strength, but make you feel like you’re having fun while doing it.


I’ve written a few times on City Mom about playing soccer. I consider myself to be in pretty decent cardiovascular shape because of my soccer training so when it came time to tape the Stroller Bootcamp class, I was confident that I’d be able to keep up.

Well let me tell you these moms on camera are AMAZING! They are in super shape and they left me in the dust! I was super proud to have them on camera to be a part of my show because what better light to cast on the life of a mom than these fit, healthy and strong mamas!

The boot camp classes are led by Bernice Robinson who started London’s first “stroller fitness” classes almost seven yrs ago.

Stroller Boot camp is for everyone. It is a mix of traditional “Stroller Fitness”- keeping strollers in motion, while mama’s work all their major muscle groups and their cardiovascular system, stopping occasionally to focus on certain areas.

And what I love most about it is that you get to include your children in your exercise routine. This is excellent for bonding time but also allows you flexibility in your time. It means you don’t need to find a babysitter to make ‘you’ time!


180° is a unique group class that is packed with 60 minutes of nonstop cardio combined with resistance band training, mixed with core stability training. It’s a complete workout which increases strength, cardiovascular endurance, and improves core stability; while decreasing body fat and building lean muscle mass.



Twitter: @bernicetraining


Youtube: Lessons in Vanity


This week in City Mom’s Kitchen, Bernice joins us to share one of her delicious and clean recipes from her nutrition plan. We also check out the fitness world’s latest trend called Kangoo Jumps that runs here in London at Gold’s Gym.


Tune into City Mom on Rogers TV next Tuesday at 7:00 pm where we check out some fun and educational things to do with your children around London.

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