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Thanksgiving Turkey

It was late September that I learned my Thanksgiving was going to be different this year. My phone rang in the early evening and it was my mom on the other end sounding very regretful. My dad got on the line too…it sounded serious!

Feeling a little nervous, I braced myself for bad news. I was relieved when I learned that all that was the matter was the fact they were booking a trip for the following month that would cause them to be away for Thanksgiving.

My parents are semi-retired and have done their job tenfold in raising me and my sisters. The fact that they were calling to “ask” if that was okay [to be away on Thanksgiving] was more than considerate of them considering that they are and should be free to come and go as they please.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favourite holiday. It tops Christmas, Halloween, New Years Eve and even my birthday in my books. I’m the only one in my family that feels this strongly about this fantastic fall holiday. That is why my parents felt badly about missing it.


Given that the past few months have been pretty stressful in our household, we decided to keep things simple in regards to Thanksgiving. My parents being out-of-town was the perfect reason to keep things low-key.

We decided that we’d spend a quiet weekend at home just the three of us. And that is exactly what we did. But something happened to me over those three days that was necessary and eye-opening for me.

I tend to have a perfectionist attitude towards myself. It’s not that everything and everyone in my life has to be perfect but the things I choose to put my efforts into have to be done to the very best of my ability. This can be a great quality because as it pushes me to succeed, but it can also cause me great stress. Sometimes I don’t know when to sit back and relax and leave well enough alone.

This past Thanksgiving was a perfect example of this. Even though it was just the three of us, I was still putting pressure and expectations on myself to cook a turkey, make stuffing, gravy from scratch, the whole bit. In my mind there was no other option.

After a quick chat with my husband I realized that I deserved to relax that weekend and they deserved more of me…hence, our Low-Key Thanksgiving was born.

Thanksgiving Menu


If you recall the weather in early October, over the Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll remember that it was gloriously sunny and unseasonably warm. Since we face the West, we get late afternoon sunshine beaming through our entire condo. Not on purpose, we sat down just as the light began to fill the room.

It was almost as if the Gods were shining down on me, patting me on the back for letting things go; for taking the easy way out this time; for allowing myself to be imperfect and for spending the time playing not working. And as I sat down and sipped my wine and looked at the smiling faces of the two people I love most in the world, I was proud of myself. I was the most happy I could ever remember feeling.

Family Thanksgiving


Do you have a story where you let things go? Where you simplified things and made your life easier? What traits do you struggle with and how do you manage them?

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