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This week on City Mom we’re covering three topics that are of interest to all parents. That’s right; we all want our children to master the arts of eating well, sleeping through the night and getting enough exercise.  It’s good for them and well, let’s face it…it’s good for us too!


The Little Gym London

First we visit The Little Gym on Wellington Road South.  And the kids in this segment steal the show! How cute are they?

The Little Gym has over 300 hundred locations across the world and London is lucky to have two of them! Our locations are owned and operated by Mari Hughes and her husband.

The Little Gym is an experiential learning and physical development center for kids ages four months through twelve years. There are a variety of structured classes that all help to instill self-confidence by allowing children the opportunity to try new things.

From dance to gymnastics to karate, the classes are designed to cover three dimensions of learning:

  1. Physical activities – burn energy, build flexibility and develop coordination.
  2. Brain activities – expand the mind, develop concentration and practice decision-making.
  3. Life skills – sharing, group work and leadership skills.

The Little Gym really is a one-stop-shop for nurturing our children`s minds and bodies. Check it out if you haven`t already and visit to sign up for your free introductory class. Don’t forget, The Little Gym also hosts birthday parties!


South Location:

North Location:



Next we visit with Janey Reilly, the Well Rested President & Founder of WeeSleep. The work Janey does is amazing but don’t just take my word for it. To show Janey in action we wanted to work with a real sleep deprived mommy and baby. Enter Tamarra Mitches and her sweet baby girl Jane.

Janey spent a couple of weeks working with Tamarra and Jane leading up to filming this episode. After they had worked through the WeeSleep program, they invited us over to their house to chat about the techniques used by Janey and how they have changed the Mitches’ lives.

So what exactly is WeeSleep? Well Janey, who is a Professional Sleep Consultant, works with families in need of sleep and healthy sleep habits by using The Sleep Sense™ Method.

The Sleep Sense™ Method was created out of a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. This method is not a strict plan that parents have to follow.

Instead, Janey uses her knowledge to work with families on an individual level and uses the method to guide the process. And rest assured, Janey’s process won’t have you leaving your child to cry it out alone. While there may be some tears, as change is never easy, her method is gentle and will never ask you to ignore your child’s cries.


That’s right; Janey is running a contest for City Mom viewers to win her Rescue Me Skype package. That’s a value of $425. This program will have your child sleeping through the night within 10 days! Guaranteed! Imagine that huh?

How to Enter:

Visit the WeeSleep Facebook page and leave a comment directly on the page including your story as to why you want/need to win this prize. Start your comment with the heading “CITY MOM – NEED SLEEP”.

Janey will select the winner from the stories entered and notify him/her through Facebook. Good luck!




Twitter: @WeeSleep


Visit this week’s Urban Exposure to check out Cheeky Monkey featuring products that compliment Janey’s sleep program. And be sure to check out City Mom’s Kitchen where Chef Jeff from The Red Moose Catering Company shares his recipe for chili that’s packed with veggies – secretly!


Can you believe next week is the season finale for City Mom? These past eight weeks have just flown by! To celebrate the end of the season we’re giving one busy mama a head-to-toe makeover. Tune in the check out the amazing before and after.

Thanks for watching!

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