Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy: 10 Perfect Gifts for Teachers

City Mom's Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy

It seems there’s always a lot of question around what are appropriate teacher/caregivers gifts for the holidays. Well you’re in luck. I don’t know why, but I happen to run in a “teachers” circle. I’ve got a lot of teacher friends so I had a really easy time of researching this topic.

This list has come courtesy of real working teachers. I simply asked, ‘What are your favourite items to receive from your students at Christmastime?’ Their answers (in no particular order) are below:

Note: the teachers I interviewed were all female.

Perfect teacher gifts

  1. Movie Theatre gift certificates:
    • Everyone loves going to the movies! And going to the movies can get pretty expensive. Give your teacher an excuse to make a date night. They’ll be refreshed and treat your child better!
  2. Scholar’s Choice gift certificates:
    • Believe it or not, teachers spend a lot of their own cash for some class activities and projects. This is a gift that not only helps your teacher, but your child too!
  3. Candle(s) from Bath & Body Works
    • If you’re confident in selecting a well liked scent then go for it. If you’re unsure, opt for number 4.
  4. Gift certificate to Bath & Body Works:
    • Same sentiment, but allows for the teacher to select her/his favourite scent.
  5. Restaurant gift certificates:
    • This one can be difficult as it’s tough to know everyone’s favourite restaurant. Try to pick a place that has a wide variety of menu options. Consider the Bonappetite gift cards that allow usage at Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Kelsey’s, Montana’s Cookhouse and Milestones.  You’d be hard pressed not to please every taste with that one.
  6. A bottle of wine:
    • This can be a hit or miss gift. If your particular teacher is not a wine drinker, than it’s a miss. But if they’re like my teacher friends, then this is a big hit!
  7. Gift certificate to the LCBO:
    • Again, as in number 6, this is hit or miss.
  8. Gift certificates to Tim Hortons/Starbucks:
    • What teacher doesn’t drink coffee? Seriously, to spend six or more hours a day with other people’s kids…I’m surprised it’s just coffee they need to get through the day.
  9. VISA/Mastercard gift cards:
    • Even though this sounds like one step above giving an envelope of cash, it’s actually not. Prepaid VISA cards allow for online shopping and in store shopping to almost anywhere. It’s not the same as cash as it’s still a statement that says ‘here, go treat yourself’ because it can’t be used to pay bills or put into the bank account.
  10. Group gifts:
    • Last year I was the parent rep for my daughter’s class and I rallied the other parents together (through email) to contribute cash towards a group gift. I set the suggested payment amount and listed the way they could get the money to me. Once I collected it all, I used it to buy items as listed above, just in larger amounts. There’s strength in numbers after all!

The truth is that any memento to show thanks will be much appreciated by your child’s teacher. I don’t think that they expect anything so an item from the list above to home-baked goods to handmade crafts will all achieve the same thing; teacher appreciation!

Happy shopping!

City Mom

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