I am a Lioness, hear me roar!


With the recent tragic event that took place in Newtown, CT, I ‘m sure I’m not alone in the fact that I appreciate parenting more. I have a new outlook on the gift that I’ve been given and that is being a mom; the parent of a little angel who seems to have been put on this earth by God Himself.

It’s unfortunate that it takes a tragedy for us to take stock of our lives, but this one hit too close to home. Most of us have children around the same age as those innocent children who lost their lives. This didn’t happen in some crime capital of the world that we could never identify with. This happened in Anywhere, USA; in Anytown, Canada.

I’ve been feeling sombre, as I’m sure a lot of the world has been light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. I’ve been having trouble falling asleep at night as disturbing images flash on the stage behind my eyes.  I can’t help but put myself in the shoes of the families whom have suffered.

This post is not about that though. It’s not that I don’t have an opinion or some very strong feelings towards the subject; it’s just that I don’t think I can offer any new perspective on the subject or put the feelings into better words than others already have.


When you picked up your child from school/daycare on Friday, December 14, 2012, did you hug them extra hard? Did your feet pick up a little faster once you spotted their twinkling eyes? I know mine did and when Little S and I got home, I saw the gigantic hug my husband gave her and it seemed to last a lot longer too.

Becoming a mother hasn’t been easy for me. It didn’t come naturally to me to put my needs on the (very furthest from the front) back burner. We’ve had our ups and downs and we’ve struggled with some issues.  I often hear that little voice in my head telling me to “Slow down. Take this all in. Enjoy this.” But when I find myself in a difficult stage, it’s hard to ignore that other little voice that says “I can’t wait for this particular stage to be over.”

But the last few days have been different and I’m focusing on what really matters. I’m slowing down and savouring the special moments and I’m even trying to enjoy the not-so-special moments. Like a New Year’s Resolution, this momentum can fade and it’s natural to become ‘comfortable’ in your life and sometimes we need reminders.


I received one of those reminders today; I happened to have The View on TV for some background noise. I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched an episode of The View but one of the guests grabbed my attention.  It was Leslie Mann discussing her new movie This is 40. I really want to see it so I think that’s why I stopped.

Alicia Keys

Image courtesy of www.eurweb.com

The next guest happened to be Alicia Keys and something she said during her interview caused me to stop, rewind (thank goodness for PVR) and take notes. When Barbara Walters asked Alicia about motherhood and how it had changed her life she replied with the following:

“It’s changed everything, without question. I guess you never know that until it really happens.  It’s made me so much better; I’ve become so much wiser, and so much more ready to step into my womanhood, and I’m empowered.

“I’ve been ready to make choices I didn’t know how to make before. You become this lioness and all of a sudden you’re like ‘NO!’.”

When she said the word “No!” she said it with a deeper, louder voice; mimicking the roar of a mama lion, protecting her cubs.  Perhaps it was this new found parenting appreciation or the fact that it’s Christmastime and I’m in “giving mode” or in fact both, but it caused me to reflect and take a step back to appreciate this thing called Motherhood.

It is a wild ride and you just cannot achieve perfection in this career. But is it ever the most rewarding job we’ve ever been given?

I am a Lioness. Hear me roar!

Image courtesy of Rob Bonneywell/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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