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Get Organized With Ease: JustJunk London

JustJunk London

You may remember back in October I did a Home Makeover episode with City Mom on Rogers TV where we turned a “closet” into an office. We re-purposed the space from a junk room to a functional work space. It was such a dramatic makeover and the extra space with built-in storage was a life changer.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Although the designer and contractor did most of the work, we still had a lot of stuff to get rid of. First we categorized things to keep, donate, recycle or trash and from there we had to physically get stuff to the right places.

I recall many trips to The Good Will and a trip to the dump to dispose of our unwanted items. It was a lot of work! Though very worth it, I wish that we had have hired some professional assistance to make the job run smoother and quicker.


JustJunk is a  is a locally owned and operated, junk removal service specializing in residential and commercial removals that help customers of all ages with anything from small de-clutter to entire house clean-outs.

JustJunk has been operating across Canada for the past ten years but starting this March they will be serving customers in London, Woodstock, and St. Thomas.

From hot tubs to pianos to yard waste, JustJunk is not limited to what they can remove. And the bonus is that JustJunk will always make it their priority to donate and recycle many of the items they remove. And they try to divert as much material away from landfills as possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are going to the best place possible.


Working with JustJunk is really easy! First you can visit justjunk.com/junk-removal-london and click on Book Online (note, you’ll save $10 by booking this way) and set up your appointment (no credit card needed). JustJunk will first provide a free, no obligation estimate based on the space in their trucks that you will require. Your quote will also include all the lifting loading and disposal.

Alternatively you can call 519-932-1444 to set up your on-site estimate. JustJunk London offers same or next day service and they guarantee quick turnaround time.


More like what won’t JustJunk remove? Check out this awesome list of items they can haul away and check out their website to see the long list of other types of items and services they provide.

  • Gravel
  • Plaster
  • Sod
  • Patio Stone
  • Shingle
  • Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Gravel
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Lathe
  • Dirt Piles
  • Sidewalk


Find out more from JustJunk London at Twitter & Facebook and on their blog junkdiary.com. Be sure to check out their cool finds from removal services; who knows, maybe you’re sitting on a treasure!

Whether your job is big or small save yourself the time, money and energy and leave it to the pros at JustJunk!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. As always the opinions expressed here are completely my own.

City Mom

Trim Tuesday: Screw You Scale

Trim Tuesday: Blogging My Way Through The Belly Fat Cure

I apologize for my questionable language but I’ve made an enemy in the last few weeks and that enemy is my bathroom scale. You see it’s not moving down as fast as I feel it should be based on my efforts.

My habits have changed so drastically since starting the Belly Fat Cure. I have cut my sugar consumption and passed on desserts. I have increased my activity level and I believe I deserve to see greater results.

Alas, I don’t want to become a slave to my scale so with encouragement from my husband and my online BFC community, I continue to push on and here are my week 3 results.


Start waist: 35”

Week two waist: 34”

End of week three waist: 33”

Week one weight loss:  4.6 lbs

Week two weight loss: 1.6 lbs

Week three weight loss: 0 lbs

Total weight loss: 6.2 lbs

Total waist inches lost: 2”

Short Term Goal: To feel comfortable in a bathing suit on our trip to Florida in April.

Long Term Goal: To lose 37 lbs.

Remaining weight loss to goal: 30.8 lbs

Healthy waist: 32”

So while I didn’t lose weight on the scale, I did lose one inch around my waist and that is enough to keep me motivated. As I mentioned in last week’s post, there are so many factors that make up our weight on a day-to-day basis that we can’t let it be our only measurement of success.


Last week I asked you guys what you’d like to see in this week’s post and Amanda asked to see a day-in-the-life of The BFC. For the past seven days I have been following the Meat Madness weekly meal plan so we’ll take a look at Day 1:

Breakfast – 4/2

First-Class French Toast – for this recipe I used Weight Watchers whole wheat bread. It comes in with a 2/1 sugar/carb (S/C) value. That means that there are two servings of sugar and one serving of carbohydrates in two slices of the bread.

With some bacon, eggs and Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Syrup, it was a filling and sweet breakfast that keeps you full for hours and satisfies that sweet tooth.

Snack – 0/0

Cheese String

Lunch 3/2

Crispy Bacon Pizza – I used Pita Gourmet’s High Protein pita pockets which are 0/1 for an entire pita and packs 10 grams of fiber.

Snack 0/0

Protein Shake – I like a 0/0 protein powder from GNC called Whey ISO Burst. It’s sweetened with stevia so has no sugar in it and has 20 grams of protein in just one scoop. A serving size consists of two scoops.

Dinner 4/2

Sumptuous Pork Stir-Fry – This recipe uses stevia, soy sauce and vinegar to replace sweet-and-sour sauce and that eliminates 37 grams of sugar from the meal. Shocking huh?

Day 1 from Meat Madness for the BFC has a S/C value of 11/6 which falls inline perfectly with the 15/6 recommendation.


This week I struggled with getting enough fiber and warding off “false belly fat”. If you’re wondering what that is I’ll just say that it has to do with intestinal habits. Have I said enough?

Jorge Cruise suggests the Belly Fat Cure Drink. Powders like Metamucil can often be sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium; two chemicals that are not brain-healthy.

Instead, he suggests one bottle of SoBe lifewater, 2.5 tbsp of psyllium husks and 3 probiotic capsules.

Here’s the bad news, we don’t have SoBe lifewater in Canada…yet! What we do have is Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal which is good enough as it is sweetened with PureVia which is made with stevia but it does not carry the 10 grams of fiber that lifewater does.

Another alternative for Canadians is using PGX – a fiber supplement that also helps to create the feeling of fullness which can contribute to weight loss as well.


In week four I hope to come to terms and end this battle with my scale and I hope to focus on drinking more water and staying on top of my fiber intake.

What would you like to see in next week’s post?

City Mom

Trim Tuesday: Week Two Strength in Numbers

Trim Tuesday: Blogging My Way Through The Belly Fat Cure

This week’s Trim Tuesday (blogging through The Belly Fat Cure) post is titled Strength in Numbers; I nearly lost my motivation this weekend and it’s thanks to my friends from my Belly Fat Cure group on Facebook that I was able to persevere (thanks Mari!).

Last week I lost 4.6 lbs and I started my second week completely motivated. As the week went on, I noticed that I wasn’t losing weight despite my best efforts, and when I measured my waist there was no loss there either.  I started to get discouraged and subsequently started to question my reasons for doing this.

Before calling it quits, I decided to message my “buddies” and their response reminded me of why I was doing this plan and what my goals were. As Jorge Cruise says, “…a simple thing you can do now to ensure your success on the plan is to establish a support network of people to help you on your health journey. “

My advice; follow Jorge’s advice as you’re going to need this support at some point through the plan.

Now, what you’ve probably been waiting for; Week Two results and more about The Belly Fat Cure.


First let’s recap from last week:

Start waist: 35”

Healthy waist: 32”

End of week one waist: 34”

Week One weight loss:  4.6 lbs

Short Term Goal: To feel comfortable in a bathing suit on our trip to Florida in April.

Long Term Goal: To lose 37 lbs.

The Belly Fat Cure Before and After Photo - Week 1 & Week 2

End of week two waist: 34”

Week Two weight loss: 1.6 lbs

Total weight loss: 6.2 lbs

Remaining weight loss to goal: 30.8 lbs

When I look at the big picture and the overall numbers, I see the progress that I’ve made in just two short weeks. I realize that I need more patience and that a slow and steady weight loss is the key to long-term success. I also learned that I shouldn’t weigh myself every day. There are so many factors that make up our weight on a day-to-day basis and therefore I should monitor on weekly basis to stay on track. Daily weigh-ins can mess with your psyche.


The key to The Belly Fat Cure (BFC) is monitoring your sugar and carbohydrate intake. On any given day, a BFC participant should consume no more than 15 servings of sugar (15 grams) and 6 carbohydrate servings. And the real trick is taking notice of all the hidden sugars in many of our foods; that means reading labels.

The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise explains all the information you need to get started on the plan. It also includes a few different meal plans for one week. My favourite so far is The Carb Lover plan. In fact that’s all I’ve done so far in this plan and I haven’t gone hungry. For me, this is the key to my success; a hungry me is an eventually cheating me.

My husband is over the moon with the fact that we get pasta every night for dinner and even though he’s not officially doing the BFC he’s still lost 4 lbs.

This week I’m doing the Meat Madness meal plan and I’m going to share the shopping list that I’ve created. I had a few requests this week (Hi Stacey!) to see a shopping list. Please note that I’ve adjusted the list to my own needs, so if you plan to follow the BFC, I suggest consulting the book or app yourself.

Note that some items like the Sugar-Free Maple Syrup and Sugar-Free BBQ sauce are hard to find in store so I have been ordering some items from www.lowcarbcanada.com and www.well.ca as suggested by a friend (thanks again Sara!).



  • Haddad Bakery High Fibre Pita Bread
  • Ezekiel Burger Buns
  • Whole Grain English Muffins
  • Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Bread
  • Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns
  • Rice Loaf
  • Uncle Ben’s Long Grain & Wild Rice
  • Corn Tortillas
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Organic Soy Flour


  • Soy Sauce
  • Sesame Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Salsa
  • Wholly Guacamole
  • Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce
  • Red Wine Vinegar


  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • String Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Half & Half
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Whipping Cream


  • Bacon
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Lean Ground Beef
  • 900 grams Flank Steak
  • 4 Ham Slices
  • 453 grams Rib Eye Steak
  • 40 grams Pepperoni
  • Pork Spareribs
  • Sausage Patties
  • Sliced Roast Beef
  • Ground Beef
  • 1 New York Strip Steak
  • 2 Sirloin Steaks
  • 2 Slices Capicola


  • Green Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Baby Carrots
  • Celery
  • Soybean Sprouts
  • Mushrooms
  • Cilantro
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Red Potatoes
  • Red Onion
  • Raspberries
  • Yellow Onions
  • Garlic
  • Portobello Mushroom
  • Blackberries
  • White Mushrooms
  • Asparagus
  • 4 cobs of corn


  • Black Olives
  • Heinz Mushroom Gravy
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Lawry’s Lemon Pepper
  • Black Beans
  • Mashed Potatoes package
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Almonds
  • Canned Water Chestnuts
  • Sugar Free Maple Syrup
  • Mesquite Seasoning
  • Frozen Hash browns


As I begin week three today, I am focusing on a weekly weigh-in, my support network and keeping my eye on the prize – my end goal!

What would you like to see in next week’s post?  What tips do you have for staying on track?

Note: I am not receiving compensation nor am I affiliated with The Belly Fat Cure. These opinions are my own. Before starting any health or meal plan you should consult with you doctor. Or so I have been told.

City Mom

Family Day: There’s Lots of Fun Happening in Windsor, Ontario!

It’s not just the third Monday of February but, it is a day focused on FAMILY togetherness!

There are so many things to do on Family Day. If you are planning to stay in from the cold, you can bake cookies and drink hot cocoa while playing board games or making crafts. Or you can bundle up and hit your city streets!

We love getting out to explore our city and what is has to offer, whether it’s art galleries to active fun! With a family of four, there is plenty to do if you look and you won’t be disappointed!

What’s Going On in Windsor, Ontario?

The WFCU Centre is holding a great family event that is indoors and gets kids active! KidSport Windsor Family Day Event is a free afternoon of gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and fun for youth from 5-12. The KidSport Windsor Family Day presented by Biz X Magazine is free. It will be held from 3 pm – 5 pm and it is the perfect way for the kiddies to burn some energy and have a blast!

There’s something about ice skating and family that goes together like peanut butter and jelly. I think it is one of the most fun winter activities for a family as a whole because everyone can participate at their own pace. This Monday, South Windsor Arena is offering recreational skating for the whole family, come on down at 12:00PM-12:45PM for only $2.00!

If you have a budding little hockey player, you can bring them down to South Windsor Arena for a little stick and puck action on the ice. Helmets are mandatory and your hockey star must be with a parent in attendance. The admission fee is $2.00 and the fun begins at 1PM to 1:45PM.

As always, you can go skating for FREE at Charles Park City Square in downtown Windsor. If the weather permits there will be skating from 3PM to 10PM and there is a seasonal concession stand on site. If you are in need of skates, All Saints Church in downtown Windsor lends skates free of charge. Please contact All Saint’s Church by phone at (519) 253-8001 to check for availability.

In the mood for some magic?

Bill Nuvo will perform some brand new effects (along with some fan favourites) like the triple chair balance and Static Kid. A great mixture of magic, juggling, circus stunts, puppetry, illusion, comedy and more! Geared for everyone from 5-10. A true family show for the whole family and on a day especially geared towards family! The admission is $10.00 each, $2.00 from each ticket will be donated to the Humane Society. Buy three tickets and get one FREE and children 3 and under free!

It will be held at Nancy John’s Gallery and Framing, you can find the event, here.

Happy Family Day!

This Family Day, we’ll be headed out to Charles Park Square for free skating and hot cocoa. Afterwards, we will probably stop by a restaurant for a treat. I know there are a few chain restaurants around the city offering discounted prices and specials for Family Day. We will then unwind and relax with some SingStar or Scrabble for the rest of the night. This is our perfect Family Day and it makes for great ways to connect with our girls.

Like I said, there are so many things happening right in your city.

Whether you live in a BIG city or a small one–you just have to look!

What will you be doing on Family Day?


Trim Tuesday: Blogging Through The Belly Fat Cure

Trim Tuesday: Blogging My Way Through The Belly Fat Cure

Convert your height into inches. Now divide that by two. That is the maximum size your waist should be to maintain a healthy body weight and to lower your risk of certain diseases.

Now grab a measuring tape. Bring your navel in towards your spine as tight as it can go. Really suck it in. Wrap the tape measure around your waist at belly button level and record that number.

What are your results?


Welcome to Trim Tuesday – a weekly blog feature chronicling my journey through The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise.

To say that 2012 was an exciting but very difficult year for me is an understatement. While managing my regular full-time job, I also hosted and co-produced a TV show on Rogers TV. While the experience was a life changer (and an opportunity I never dreamed of having) it wreaked havoc on my physical and emotional well-being.


As every year before, 2012 started out fairly normal. I was happy in my career, my life at home and I was even satisfied with my weight. I had been working with a personal trainer since the previous November and was preparing to wear a bikini in Mexico that February.

Then the first bump in the road appeared; I sprained my ankle playing soccer. I was on crutches for a few days and in an air cast for months after. My activity level dropped to zero but my eating habits remained normal. I managed to wear my bikini while vacationing in Mexico.

After our vacation it was time to start working onthe show and that’s when the second bump in the road reared its head. Balancing a full-time job and being a mom/wife is job enough. Add on endless hours producing a TV show and well, I had overwhelmed myself and it was starting to show.

I managed to pull through but not unscathed. After my sanity, one of the first things to go was my eating habits. I no longer had time to plan and prepare healthy meals let alone shop for them. While my husband is very hands on at home, meal planning is not his forte. So to make a long story short, my waistline continued to grow.

Then, the third bump showed its face and it wasn’t pretty. At the end of October, just as my show had come to an end and I was preparing to gain some control, I sprained my other ankle, again playing soccer. What luck huh? So again, the weight piled on.

The Belly Fat Cure


It was obvious that I needed to get my life back on track. I wanted to pick a plan that was really going to work. By now I know myself very well and I know what is realistic for me and what is not. For me I need a plan that is easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to shop for. Most importantly I need a plan that doesn’t leave me starving or it’s just not going to work.

After careful research and comparisons I landed on The Belly Fat Cure as suggested by a friend. Thank you Sara! And I am happy to report that after one week I’m already seeing results. As the weeks progress, I will share more info with you about how the plan works and what my highs and lows have been. But for this week I’ll share my beginning numbers and my goals.


Start waist: 35”

Healthy waist: 32”

End of week one waist: 34”

Week One weight loss:  4.6 lbs

Short Term Goal: To feel comfortable in a bathing suit on our trip to Florida in April.

Long Term Goal: To lose 37 lbs.

As I progress through the plan, I will share pictures of my successes along the way.

What is a goal you are working on? What steps do you take to insure your success?

Note: I am not receiving compensation nor am I affiliated with The Belly Fat Cure. These opinions are my own. Before starting any health or meal plan you should consult with you doctor. Or so I have been told.

City Mom

Things To Do: Family Day in London 2013

Local Events Listing

This year Family Day falls on Monday, February 18th. Yay! We get a long weekend and one extra day to spend with our families.

Here’s a list of local events to help you make the most of the extra day. Enjoy!



Where: The Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Time: 10am – 4pm

What:  Dog sledding (no joke!), snow shoeing, cross-country skiing (bring your own skis), snow snaking, traditional First Nations storytelling fireside, children’s crafts, scavenger hunts, and other fun winter activities.

Cost: Admission by donation

For more info: archeologymuseum.ca or visit The Museum of Ontario Archaeology’s Facebook page


London Children's Museum

Where: The London Children’s Museum

Time: 11am – 3pm

What:  Visit the Children’s Museum on Family Day to Celebrate Black History Month! Sample yummy food like puff puffs and coconut bread, learn what the Gumboot dance is and participate in Nigerian games, a tie-dye craft and more!

Cost: Regular museum admission

For more info: londonchildrensmuseum.ca


Storybook Gardens

Where: Storybook Gardens

Time: 10am – 8pm

What:  Horse drawn wagon rides, winter themed story circle, outdoor skating and a visit with the animal friends.


  • Adults –                $4.25
  • Children (2-17 yrs) – $3.25
  • Family (2 adults & 2 children) – $13.00
  • Infants (Under 24 months) – Free

For more info: storybook.london.ca


RBC Family Skate Day London, ON

Where: Various locations (see list below)

  • Lambeth Arena – 7112 Beattie St.
  • Stronach Arena – 1221 Sandford St.
  • Argyle Arena – 1948 Wavell St.
  • Carling Arena  – 675 Grosvenor Street
  • Farguharson Arena – Tecumseh Ave.
  • Kinsmen Arena – 20 Granville Ave.
  • Ray Lanctin Arena (Medway) – 119 Sherwood Forest Square
  • Nichols Arena – 799 Homeview Rd.

What: Figure skaters, hockey players and first time skaters alike are invited to bundle up, lace up and come out for a spin on the ice, enjoy hot chocolate, and other fun surprises hosted by RBC.

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Cost: Free!

For more information: rbc.com/familyday


Boler Mountain

Where: Boler Mountain

What: Family Day Tubing at Boler Mountain

Time: 9am to 10pm

Cost:  Adults $18, Children (12 & under) $16 – Must be 42 inches tall

For More Info: bolermountain.com


As always, if I’ve missed a local event that you know of please leave a comment letting us know or email kelly@citymom.ca to have your event added.

Happy Family Day!

City Mom

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