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Eiffel TowerIf you remember any of your Grade 9 French, you’ll know that this post’s title translates to City Mom in Paris. C’est vrai! City Mom is heading to the city of love seulement!

Travelling solo is something that is completely outside of my comfort zone and this fact has left those that know me well, scratching their heads. What would possess a mom of a young child and wife to jet set across the world alone?

I believe this quote really summarizes my inside desire to take this journey.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken. – Frank Herbert


Before becoming a wife and mother I was a huge fan of travel. I spent one year on a working holiday in Australia and another year teaching English in South Korea. From South Korea I traveled to Japan and Thailand. I had the travel bug and there was no cure!

Since those two experiences I have traveled yearly but nothing quite as exotic. So yes, I am craving the excitement of the unknown but there’s more that is motivating me to take such a huge step.After experiencing a really trying and stressful year I was left feeling accomplished but completely drained both mentally and physically.

Stress usually leads to poor health both bodily and emotionally and for me this was true. I turned to Yoga to help remedy these afflictions and not only did it help, it ignited a true love for the discipline.

When everything else in my world seems chaotic, yoga brings the calm. When I feel depleted, yoga rejuvenates me. When I feel achy and irritable, yoga restores me.

It is for these reasons that I wanted to immerse myself into the world of yoga for a period of time longer than an hour a day a few times a week. I wondered what an intensive yoga holiday might do for my psyche and how it might change my outlook on life.


From as early as I can remember I have always been reliant on somebody. Whether it was my parents, friends or my husband, there is always someone to catch me when I fall. One of my deep-seated fears is being alone to fend for myself. And you know what they say about conquering your fears right?

Face them head on!

So taking this journey alone will help me to accomplish this goal and will provide some serious one-on-one time with myself.


Of course I did lots of research when choosing the retreat I wanted to attend. I didn’t start with my sights set on France but once I found it, my heart was set!

I finally chose to attend Kaliyoga in France. The romantic and historic looking hamlets grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. After finding this one in the south of France, nothing else seemed to compare.

Kaliyoga France

Here are some things I focused on when doing my research:

  1. Price
  2. Style of yoga offered
  3. Amount of yoga offered
  4. The teacher
  5. Other activities offered outside of yoga
  6. Food
  7. Location
  8. Style of accommodation


You can’t go to France without seeing the Eiffel Tower right? And like every city mom knows, you must experience as many cities in the world as possible to call yourself an urbanite! So, I’ll be spending two days in France’s capital city.

While I’ll try to hit as many famous landmarks as possible while in Paris, I will also make sure to take a lot of unscheduled time wandering, shopping and sipping on some fine French wine in a romantic cafe.

Be sure to check back at the end of May for a full review of Kaliyoga France and to hear more about my adventure.

What’s one of your biggest fears? How have you (or plan to) overcome your fear?

What location is on your bucket list?

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City Mom

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