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Power Stroller

I am loving my experience in the Power Stroller group for many reasons, including all of the reasons I mentioned in my last post. Another reason I love Power Stroller is that it was originally founded in order to help raise money for under privileged children in our local schools.

“Many children in our communities are going hungry. In fact, numbers are staggering. 1 in 5 families live below the poverty line in London, Ontario alone.”

The program through Power Stroller is called Fit Mummies for Hungry Tummies. Working along with The Children’s Nutrition Network in London, Huron-Perth Eat & Learn Program in Stratford and the Elgin Community Nutrition Partnership in St. Thomas, Power Stroller’s goal is to take some of the burden off families who might be struggling to make ends meet by donating a portion of their proceeds to these programs.

Five weeks after getting the ‘OK’ to exercise after having my baby, I am noticing great results from the Power Stroller class with Bernice Robinson. Unfortunately, I was on vacation and missed a few classes in the beginning, but even still, while I haven’t lost any weight on the scale, I have definitely gained muscle definition.

This means that I have gained muscle and muscle weighs more than fat, so while the scale hasn’t changed yet, my confidence in my progress has! Meeting the other moms in the group and hearing about their experiences as new moms has been really reassuring as well. It is nice to know that we are all in the same boat and are going through the same challenges and experiences.

The group is so mom and baby friendly that just this past week, one of the moms stopped during our circuit training to nurse her son! Bernice informed her of the rest of our route in the park and she was able to catch up to us and continue the workout.


Each week we discuss a new nutritional topic such as proteins, good and bad fats, water and even where to buy healthy foods that you can’t always find in your regular grocery store. Bernice also posts recipes and additional workouts to the website each week as well.


If you’ve recently had a baby, or you’re just looking for a new fitness program for the summer that is child friendly, you can start out fresh with all the other moms in the next upcoming session starting the week of May 27 at various locations around London, St. Thomas and Stratford.


BONUS: All City Mom readers that sign up for the upcoming 8-week session will receive a 15% discount!

Until next week,

Village Mom

Lindsay Ferris-McVey

Lindsay, a.k.a Village Mom is a young mom to a sweet little one year-old boy and two and a half year-old little girl. Lindsay and her husband have made a home for their new family in an urban loft-style condo in the heart of Wortley Village, one of London’s most historic and eclectic communities.

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