Happy Anniversary to the Man I Love!


It was six years ago today that I said “I do” to my very best friend, my partner in crime, my biggest supporter and the father of my child.

I’ve talked a lot about Little S, our life in the city and of course myself here on City Mom, but I haven’t shared all that much about City Dad, a.k.a. my husband. And there is no better time to do so than today since it’s our anniversary!


Rob and I shared a whirlwind romance; within weeks of dating we decided that I would move from London to downtown Toronto (into his condo) because we just couldn’t bare the distance.  Almost nine months later we learned our twosome was going to be three so we decided to get married, transfer jobs, sell our condo and buy a house in London.

It wasn’t an easy decision as we absolutely loved our city life in T.O. but with both our families residing mostly in London we wanted to be closer to home to raise our family.


We knew that marriage was something we wanted to do in the near future so when we learned that we were expecting a baby we decided not to wait any longer. So on my 30th birthday weekend, Rob asked me to marry him right in our little condo. It was the last amazing thing to happen within those walls.

Since we were short on time we decided that we were going to combine our wedding, honeymoon and ‘babymoon’ into one trip. We flew to Negril, Jamaica and got married on the beach at Sandals Negril, just the two of us.

That was another tough decision because both of our families mean so much to us and we wanted them to be there to celebrate with us, but we knew that we wanted to spend this week alone together.

Short on time also meant short on money. Most couples spend months and months saving for their big day, but we made our wedding plans in just two months. After receiving a gorgeous engagement ring and paying for our trip and wedding in Jamaica, we didn’t have much left over so we came up with a clever plan.


Ring Ceremony

We opted to buy “fake” wedding bands from the Eaton Centre. Honestly no one would have ever noticed the difference if we didn’t tell anyone. We spent $40 combined and they looked like the real deal. Mine even matched my engagement ring; we were set.

The plan was to marry in a private oasis and celebrate with family and friends at some point in the near future back at home.

As our one year anniversary approached we decided that we wanted to gift each other with proper wedding bands. There was one problem though; I am not an overly religious person, however there was great meaning to me in the fact that our “fake” rings had been blessed by the pastor in Jamaica. I didn’t want to throw that away. So we created an amazing celebration to take place on our one year anniversary at Elsie Perrin Williams Estate.

Here we had our new rings blessed by a different pastor and performed this blessing in the form of a ring ceremony. It was completely original as the pastor said she had been performing weddings for years, but had never done a ring blessing before.

We picked to celebrate with a Jamaican theme and asked all of our guests to dress in white and/or khaki to mimic our attire the day of our wedding in Negril.  It was a night I will never forget and our guest shared that they felt like they got to witness our marriage. It was a perfect combination!

Ring Ceremony


And today marks the completion of six wonderful, trying, amazing, challenging, exciting years of marriage to the best guy I know! I’d be lying if I said it was all a breeze. We’ve dealt with a lot in our relatively short relationship from the death of a parent to Postpartum Depression to life with baby and everything in between. And I mean a lot of everything in between! But we always seem to come out stronger for it.

We have a beautiful daughter together whom is growing to be a wonderful little girl and we navigate the bumps in the road together. And I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think of him.

Rob, I know you’re pretty busy these days and you don’t always get to read my posts (how great is he that he totally tries to?) but if you are reading this one, I want to tell you how much I love you. And that almost doesn’t do it justice.

I admire you, respect you and think the world of you. I think you’re the sexiest man on this planet, especially when you’re dressed in your bike gear and you ride past me on the street. I still can’t believe that I’m the girl who got you! I truly am the luckiest women in the world!

Thank you for all the that you do for us and for loving me unconditionally!

Happy anniversary!

City Mom

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