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As moms/parents, we are no strangers to stains. In the early days of parenting, the hardest stains to get out were those strained carrots, sweet potatoes and peas. As our children grew we started to deal with grass stains, mud and grape juice!

Now-a-days it seems like paint, more mud, more grass and marker stains are at the crux of our stain-removal-woes. We all have our handy tricks to get out tough stains, some conventional and some not so much, either way we find a way (usually) to get those stubborn stains out.


‘Nightmare’ might be a little too dramatic but this story definitely goes on my list of embarrassing moments.

Take a look at this photograph:

Resolve Tip Exchange

The scene: a romantic anniversary dinner at The Keg, our favourite celebratory restaurant. We had a babysitter, dressed ourselves up and had just ordered our pre-dinner drinks. Of course, I needed a photo to capture this special moment so I asked a stranger sitting nearby.

Just after the photo was taken, I reached for the camera and upon doing so I hit my drink in my other hand and it came splashing down all over my husband’s white cotton pants.  He was covered in tomato juice, and when I say covered, I don’t mean a few drops; the entire drink poured on him.

So not only was his outfit ruined, he was soaking wet but thankfully there was a small saving grace;  we live just a few minutes away so he ran home and changed. Needless to say our evening was a little dampened (no pun intended)!

See what others recommend for this type of stain like mine.



It’s for nights like this, that I am happy we finally have a place to go to share our tried and true stain-removal methods and a place to find help for those stains that leave us scratching our heads. Resolve’s new site, Resolve® Tip Exchange, is your one-stop-shop for stain removal fun.

You can visit and share a stain-removal tip and when you do (once a week) you are automatically entered into a draw to win a grand prize $5,000 shopping spree as well as 12 weekly prizes of prepaid credit cards up to $250!

And if you have one of those head-scratchers, you can ask a question and get answers from the experts!



What is your most embarrassing stain moment? What is the toughest stain you’ve had to conquer and how have you beat it?

Disclosure: I am part of the Resolve® Tip Exchange Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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