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Victoria Day Weekend in #LdnOnt 2014

Local Events Listing London Ontario

Thank you for visiting City Mom. If you have arrived at this post looking for Victoria Day activities in London, ON for 2016, please visit this link for a listing of events for 2016.

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It’s Always Sunny at Centreville!


This past Saturday we made our way to the London VIA Rail station for a trip to Toronto to visit Centreville Amusement Park on Centre Island.

For me and Little S it would be our first visit to Centreville; for my husband, who was born and raised in Toronto, it was his umpteenth visit, but we were all equally excited. As a parent, there is no greater joy than watching your child experience something exciting for the first time.


Centreville Ferry

Not only was our visit to Centreville super-exciting but getting there was just as much fun! We decided to take the train from London to Toronto. When you factor in the cost of fuel, parking and time spent in Toronto traffic, three train tickets makes a lot of sense in comparison, not to mention the ease and lack of stress travelling by train offers.

Our train arrived in just enough time to use the bathroom and walk to Queens Quay to catch the 11:00 am ferry over to the island. This was another adventure in and of itself. Little S had never been on a boat before and she was on cloud nine during her ferry trip!

For just $17.50, the 3 of us were able to get to and from the island and enjoy this memorable “first” together. And the backdrop of the Toronto skyline as we rode the ferry was priceless, especially for this city-loving family!

After an almost-not-long-enough 15 minutes, we arrived at Centre Island and exited the ferry. From there it was a short walk (about 10 minutes) to Centreville for our day of fun.


There is no general admission to enter Centreville which is really great; to enjoy the rides you can purchase a Ride All Day pass or individual ride tickets and prices vary depending on your choice. Check out the Plan Your Trip link on the Centreville website to see the full price list but here is a summary:

  • Ordering your tickets online saves you money e.g. Family Ride All Day pass is $111.80 at the gate or $106.13 online.
  • The more tickets you buy, the cheaper they are e.g. 25 tickets = $25, 65 tickets – $60
  • Group rates are available and offer a pass discount
  • Season passes are available


Centreville Rides

As a first-time visitor, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the rides at Centreville, but I can share that I was thoroughly impressed. There is something for everybody; rides for small children like the Kiddie Boat, family rides like the Swan Ride, fun rides like the Bumper Boats and more daring rides like the Log Flume.

Little S loved the fact that she could go on rides all by herself and she must have loved this because she went on the Fire Engines ride about five different times! My husband and I loved the Ferris Wheel as it provided a bird’s eye view of the Toronto skyline and we all loved the Centreville Train ride (we rode it twice) as it provides a relaxing view of the entire park.


Centreville Carousel Cafe

Of course, all this fun created some hungry tummies so we chose to have a nice sit-down meal at the Carousel Café. The prices were reasonable for an attraction based restaurant and the food was very good! My recommendation is to try the Grille Vegetable Flatbread…yum!

There are also more budget-friendly options inside of Centreville like Pizza Pizza, Chester Chewy’s Sub Shop and Cider Bar to name a few.  Or you can even bring your own picnic to enjoy at the park or on the island.


Centreville Far Enough Farm

Another highlight of our trip was our visit to Far Enough Farm which is now operated by Centreville so there is no additional cost for admission. We loved taking a break from the rides to meet some of the farm residents like Buttercup the cow, the talkative peacocks and the cutest and most unusual rabbits called Lionhead Rabbits.


Whether you are a Toronto/GTA resident or a dweller of a nearby city like us, a visit to Centreville and Centre Island makes an excellent day trip for families. There is so much to see and do that combines fun, education and physical activity for the whole family.


Centreville is now open for weekends in May. It will also be open 7 days/week for June, July and August and weekends in September. Hours vary so be sure to check out the Centreville website.

This post was generously sponsored by Centreville, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit

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Reward Yourself With The Lean Cuisine Rewards Program


How do you reward yourself for a job well done? Do you take a long, hot bubble bath with a glass of wine or do you buy yourself something special like a new handbag or a pair of shoes?

I love to treat myself in various ways depending on the goal I’ve achieved. For example, I allow myself one “cheat day” a week where I indulge in some of my guilty pleasure foods in exchange for eating healthy the other six days of the week.


Rewards can range from something very small like giving yourself a compliment to more extravagant things like a night out on the town or a vacation. Regardless of how you choose to reward yourself, make sure that you do because a reward system is vital to achieve your goals.

Rewards motivate you to make it to your end goal; without a “pot of gold” at the end of “the rainbow” hitting our targets can seem pointless or impossible to achieve.


I like to reward myself for following a healthy lifestyle by buying a new pair of jeans. There’s nothing like the perfect fitting pair and if I’ve been working hard at losing weight or staying fit, there’s no better way to show off my hard work.

One of the ways I maintain a healthy lifestyle is by monitoring my nutrition. I find using various apps that help to track calorie and nutrient intake can be a huge help. By tracking my food, I can see if I’m meeting all of my nutritional requirements and maintaining a reasonable calorie intake.

One of the foods that I love to include in my day is Lean Cuisine. It’s so easy to throw one in my bag as I leave for work and they’re full of nutrients and low on the calorie scale. With over 20 meal options including meat, fish and vegetarian options, I never get bored eating healthy!

One of my favourites is the Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations Thai Chicken. With just 300 calories per serving, 50% of the daily Vitamin A requirement, 15% of Vitamin C, 15% or iron, 8% of calcium and 18g of protein, it is a well rounded, tasty and easy-to-make meal.


Lean Cuisine Rewards Program

Lean Cuisine believes in the reward system too so they want to help reward us for living a healthy lifestyle. You can earn reward points with a PIN inside each Lean Cuisine package. Visit to create an account (you get 100 points just for that) and then get started by entering your UPC codes and PIN.

To get your reward balance started Lean Cuisine has given me five bonus PIN codes to giveaway to my fantastic readers. The first five readers to comment below will be rewarded with a code to start earning Lean Cuisine Rewards.




Now to talk about the all-important rewards; you have to check out the Rewards Catalogue yourself to see all the great choices but they’re not your average points-program- Rewards.

You can start small and reward yourself with free Lean Cuisine meals or you can start saving right away for larger rewards like SWISSGEAR™ luggage, SONY iPod doc or the LAGOSTINA® 12 piece stainless steel cookware set.

You can also earn your way to free groceries with gift card Rewards. The choice and Reward is up to you!

So how do you reward yourself for a job well done or for achieving a goal?

This post was generously sponsored by Lean Cuisine Rewards, but the opinions and images are my own. For more information, visit

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Prepare Your Driver of Tomorrow with Free G1 Test Practice

The thought of Little S driving really freaks me out…of course I don’t have to worry about that for another 10 years but if there’s anything I’ve learned since becoming a parent, it’s that time flies!  So it’s fair to say that driver’s tests, G1 discussions and handing over my keys to my 16-year-old is on the horizon.

When I learned of I was eager to share it with the City Mom community because it actually helps to prepare our newest drivers for what is to come. Whether you have children who are studying for their G1 test now, or will be doing so over the next few years, you’ll love the idea of is a leading education website that lets users practice their G1 test for free as many times as they like. The free website allows someone needing to take the G1 exam to practice in a way that is quite similar to that of the official exam. The site currently provides access to 6 practice tests (300 unique practice questions) that simulate what one may see on the G1 exam.

G1 Practice Tests

Note that does not guarantee that you will see the exact questions found in the practice tests on the official G1 test but every practice exam is based on the current year’s official Ontario Driver’s Handbook) meaning users can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date test information.


According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, as many as 26% of individuals that took their G1 exam in 2012 did not pass. Proper preparation can help to significantly lower this number. Why not have teens prepare in a similar manner that one would actually see administered from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and DriveTest centers?



Not only does help to prepare our children for the responsibility of driving and helps to get them on their way to earning their driver’s license, it also helps with parent-teen communication when it comes to driving.

Check out the Parent-Teen Driving Contract that provides and let it guide you in your conversation with your new drivers about road safety and the expectations that come with this new responsibility. is an excellent resource for teens and parents of teens who are thinking about or getting ready to get their driver’s licence.


You can find out more information about via:


Twitter: @g1_ca


Drive safe!

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post but the opinions and views are 100% my own.

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