Huge Limeapple Children’s Apparel #BlackFriday Sale Nov. 25 & 26

Limeapple Black Friday Clearance Sale

More often than not, when Little S is out and about wearing a piece of Limeapple apparel, we receive compliments and always the question: “where did you get that?” and of course, we happily reply, “Limeapple!”.

Awarded Best Tween Line via the Earnie Awards, Limeapple not only sells style, but quality too. From active wear to school wear to party attire, Limeapple has everything and anything for your stylish, active tweens.


Limeapple Black Friday Sale

Just in time for the holidays, Limeapple is offering yet another amazing sale that not only includes 50% off all clearance items, but also these awesome outfit bundles at amazing package prices. This sale only lasts for two days (Nov. 25 & 26, 2016) so grab the deals while you can.

We got to pick out one of the holiday packs and Little S fell in love with the Bells Boutique Pack which includes the following items:

This pack is on sale for $100 CAD! Amazing huh?! The other packs are filled with cute and functional pieces for equally amazing prices. Be sure to check them out.

Check out our images below and click to see a larger version:

Limeapple Bells Boutique Pack

Be sure to check out the Limeapple Sale section to see the items that will be selling at an additional 50% off for this Black Friday sale.


So I know I’ve got you all excited but you’ve got to wait right? The sale doesn’t start for another two days so I’ve got some handy prepared pinables for you to save so that you can go back to them on the 25th and 26th .

Which is your favourite?

Limeapple Jungle Active Holiday Pack on Sale Nov 25 & 26

Limeapple Bells Boutique Holiday Pack on Sale Nov 25 & 26

Limeapple Merry Minky Bubble Holiday Pack on Sale Nov 25 & 26

Limeapple Joy Boutique Holiday Pack on Sale Nov 25 & 26

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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Stock Up For Girls Summer Wardrobe & Save with the Limeapple Summer Event on Friday, May 6th


If you’ve shopped with Limeapple before, you already know about this great children’s clothing line and if you haven’t, then you’re in for a treat; regardless everyone is in for some great savings with the Limeapple Summer Event.

Limeapple is a Canadian-based premier lifestyle brand of clothing for young girls and preteens that promotes girls to lead positive, healthy and empowered lifestyles.

With age appropriate styles, bright colours and on trend designs, it’s a favourite among girls and moms alike. From active wear for a their favourite activity to casual wear for school or boutique clothing for special events, Limeapple offers something for every girl.


Limeapple Summer Event

Little S and I are going to be trying out some of the Limeapple styles and sharing our thoughts with you in the next couple of weeks, but we couldn’t wait to share the big sale coming tomorrow, Friday, May 6, 2016 with you because it’s that good.

It’s pretty simple:

  • Buy one item, save 25% on your order
  • Buy two items, save 30% on your order
  • Buy three items, save 35% on your order
  • Buy four or more items, save 40% on your entire order

And as always, shipping is free on orders over $20 to the US or Canada and prices are of course in CAD which makes this event even more affordable as there are no surprises when your credit card statement comes.

Ordering is super-easy with easy to understand size charts, high-res images of each item and easy navigation. Visit on Friday, May 6th to stock up on summer clothes and save one day only.

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Peekaboo Beans: Gifts for Kids on the Grow!

Peekaboo Beans Gifts

One of my favourite holiday-themed things that I have seen on social media this season is this fun Christmas Wish List printable that helps kids keep a balance when choosing what they want for Christmas.

Christmas Wishlist Printable
When it comes to the “I’ll Wear” part, I have the BEST gift idea for you whether it’s for a boy or girl, toddler or youth, your child or someone else’s…you will love it!


If the brand name Peekaboo Beans is new to you, it’s your lucky day, and if it’s not, then you already know what I’m talking about so get shopping!
Peekaboo Beans is a line of children’s playwear for kids “on the grow”.

We create the best playwear in the world for children to live, move and play in. We design clothes that foster independence and self-confidence. We empower children to dress themselves and grow in comfort and style.

When I was contacted about Peekaboo Beans, I did a quick read on the brand and browsed through the FALL 2015 catalogue, but it wasn’t until we received our outfit that I fully grasped how cool this line of clothing was.


The very first thing I noticed about the garments was the high quality appearance and feel to the fabric. We received the Fossil Fancy Dress, Frill Factor Leggings and the Gemstone Coat all made of cotton and 5% spandex to give a little stretch for ease of play and room to grow.

Little S was so excited about the style of the clothing, she put it on right away and wouldn’t take it off (the jacket) even to eat. We both also loved the fact that the labels are not your typical sewn-in labels. S is one of those children that wants all her labels cut off and dislikes the itch. Peekaboo Beans says “We say no to itchy necks (and bums) and yes to PLAY!”

Peekaboo Beans Review


I’m not exaggerating when I say they have thought of everything…they have the quality and durability that appeals to us parents and the fun style and colours which appeal to the kids and well let’s face it, to us moms too!

I really love the little extras that are included with Peekaboo Bean garments that really go a long way.

All the Peekaboo Beans garments include:

  • Soft, removable labels
  • Custom, quality fabric that is comfy for playing, pretending and even napping
  • Design elements for easy on and off
  • Pre-shrunk to avoid surprises out of the wash
  • Flat-lock stitching for less irritation

Jackets include:

  • No drawstrings and reflective piping (for safety)
  • Chin guard to avoid pinching chins when doing up zippers
  • Easy to use zipper designed for little hands learning how to dress


Peekaboo Beans Clothing

There is so much to say about Peekaboo Beans that I can’t possibly fit it all in here in a single post. From the Peekaboo Beans Play Revolution to their career opportunities as a Play Stylist to their Soiree opportunities for in-home-shopping to their free returns and exchanges policy. I encourage you to check it out in more detail. Be sure to find check out the Peekaboo Beans Holiday Gift Guide too.

We’ve only had our Peekaboo Bean outfit for a couple of weeks and S has worn it multiple times…every time she wears it, we get compliments and questions about where the adorable outfit came from. We have also washed the items a couple of times and we are very pleased with the consistent fit and quality after washing.

I will definitely shop at Peekaboo Beans again for Little S and likely my nieces and nephews! For me, it is worth investing in quality and comfort and to help stretch my dollar further. These clothes will last longer than your average chain clothing store so you will buy less often and be able to pass them down to younger siblings.

Find out more about Peekaboo Beans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

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Get Vacation Ready With Deals from @JoeFresh

Joe Fresh Spring Summer
Whether you’re heading off for the perfect winter vacay or getting stocked up for the summer, Joe Fresh has us covered for our kid’s wardrobe needs. From bathing suits to shorts, dresses to flip-flops and everything in between, there are some great deals to take advantage of this March.

I’m a huge fan of Joe Fresh for my whole family but especially for Little S’ clothing. Not only is their line affordable and stylish but its durable too. Little S always outgrows her Joe Fresh clothes before they wear out on her; this is a must for children’s clothing!


Joe Fresh 2 for 20

For a limited time you can make vacation preparation even more fun and wallet-friendly by taking advantage of these deals with Joe Fresh:

• Boys & Girls shorts 2 for $20
• Girls Flip-Flops $5
• All Toddler and Kids Swimwear under $15
• Summer Hats $5

You’ll also find other in store pricing (dependent on location) like girls peplum tanks for $10, T-Shirts for $8 and other budget-friendly price points.


Joe Fresh Kids

We are heading to Florida this spring and with a growing child, of course she needs all new summer clothes. It was a lot of fun picking out her outfits at Joe Fresh. I must admit, I like shopping for Little S more than I do for myself.

Joe Fresh Swimwear Under $15

When the deals are that good (like at Joe Fresh) you can get a really good haul for not a lot of money. In total I spent $114 but with the deal $10 Joe Fresh Gift Card (spend $50 and get a $10 gift card) I got $10 back, so in total I spent $104. Note: deal ends March 21, 2014.

For that amount, I was able to buy four outfits for Little S as well as a bathing suit, scarf, flip-flops and a sun hat. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion this is awesome value and makes buying a new wardrobe every season very affordable!

Are you heading away for spring vacation? Do you need to stock up on a new summer wardrobe for your  kids?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post in the form of product, however these views are completely my own. I loooove Joe Fresh!

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A Mom’s Fashion Guide to Clubbing

Next weekend I’m going clubbing! That’s right, this mid-thirties mama is turning back the clock about half a decade, give or take a year (okay, give) to try to relive my youth.

Back then I had it all together. I had club wear oozing out of my closet. Skirts, dresses, tank tops, accessories, you name it, I had it. I was on top of the fashion trends and there was never any question as what to wear. Now, I feel like a lost puppy; so out of my element.

Normally I wouldn’t be ‘clubbing’ (is that still what the kids are calling it today?) but it’s my younger brother-in-law’s 30th birthday and well, this is just what family does right?

I will sacrifice a night of getting pushed around, spilled on, ogled, or not getting ogled (I don’t know which is worse at this age) and nursing a giant hangover the next day; all in the name of love, brotherly love.


The main issue here is trying to figure out what to wear. Now-a-days it’s not just about what’s trendy, but also what’s flattering. I’ll admit that my body isn’t quite the same as it was back in the day. So the tricky part is finding something stylish but complimentary and club-suitable. And we can’t forget about comfort, though it’s not at the top of my list.

I needed some advice so I turned to Google. Armed with the phrase “30-something club wear”  I searched to no avail. I found a couple of forums that discussed dressing too young and dressing too old and some other articles about dressing in general, but nothing on 30-something club wear.

One of two things could be assumed from my findings:

  1. There’s just not enough good content out there, so write a post to create some OR
  2. 30-somethings don’t belong in a club and therefore content is not readily available as there’s no demand for it

I chose to believe in option number one, so I decided to create this useful guide that I just know will come in really handy!


  1. Layers: layering allows for trendy to meet with flattery. A fitted tank top underneath a blazer allows for emphasis of your womanly features but also allows some forgiveness in the other areas where women tend to want coverage. Layers are also handy in the event that you have enough to drink (a.k.a. Liquid Courage) and you begin to believe you are the hottest woman in the club with the sickest dance moves. You’re then able to remove the jacket and let loose.I have selected this blazer, the Neil Jacket from Aritzia. It has a feminine cut which dresses it up and it sits just at the hip bones to ensure those handles are covered.
  1. Go Glam: selecting glamorous fabrics like these Shiny Leggings from Dynamite really dress up an otherwise safe choice. Depending on what your best assets are, leggings paired with a detailed or long top help to accentuate your legs and take focus away from your midsection, a trouble area for many women.
  1. Show some skin: what you decide to put under the blazer can vary depending on the look you’re going for and the assets you have. This is a chance to show some skin in a subtle way that is not only age appropriate but sexy. I like this Sequin Cami from Dynamite.
  1. Use accessories to glam it up: If you choose something like the Sequin Cami, I would suggest passing on a necklace since there’s already a lot of detail with the sparkle in the top.However, if you want to glam it up with accessories I suggest a subdued, but fitted top underneath that still says style but allows for some fun with accessories. I like the Tight-fitting Flirty Tank paired with the Beaded Necklace with Grosgrain Ribbon from Le Château. Throw in a sparkly clutch like the Allover Gemstone Flapover Clutch from Le Château and a pair of hoop earings and you’re all set.

  1. It’s all in the shoe: the last, but definitely not the least, piece to creating the perfect, sexy yet age appropriate club-worthy outfit is what you put on your feet. Depending on the time of year you may want to choose a knee-high boot or a pair of heels. I like the buckled leatherette platform boot from The gathered fabric and metallic buckles add some extra bling and help to even out the thigh to calf ratio.On the other hand, or foot I should say, you can never say enough about a pair of sexy heels. I like the leopard lace bow platform from Animal prints are really ‘in’ this season and they add some interest to the outfit.


I’m not sure how this is going to all come together, but this is the plan I’m going with. I’ll provide some photos of the final outcome and share details on how the night went. Wish me luck!

Where do you find your fashion inspiration for special events?

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