My Top 10 Highlights of 2010

Downtown Fall 002

Tis the season to be jolly…and to reflect on the triumphs of the year.  What better a day to do so?

In no particular order I wanted to share some of my highlights of 2010…

  1. Moving from the suburbs to our condo in downtown London 
  2. Creating City Mom
  3. Finding London again and seeing it in a whole new light
  4. Meeting some amazing and inspirational women through the blogging world
  5. Finding Twitter and meeting new, amazing people
  6. Interviewing the (then) Mayor of London Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and (now current Mayor) Joe Fontana
  7. My trip to Virginia with my entire family (what a rare opportunity)
  8. Gaining an exciting volunteer opportunity to write for the company I work for
  9. Learning I am capable of so much more than I knew!
  10. Watching my daughter reach milestones, grow and flourish and become an even more amazing little girl

And imagine what is to come in 2011!?

To all my readers, thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing to a great year!

Happy New Year and all the BEST in 2011!

City Mom


Who said raising children had to take place in the suburbs?  Was it that same person that said you had to raise a child on a property with a section of grass that qualified as a backyard?  Is it ‘crazy’ to move to a downtown, high-rise condo?  I say NOT!  And this is my story…

Follow my adventure as I (along with my husband) raise my daughter in the heart of downtown London, Ontario.

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