Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Bratz Action Heroez: A Fun Gift That Won’t Break the Bank


Your favourite Bratz are back but this time they’re in disguise and doing good around the world. Each Bratz® Action Heroez™ figurine comes dressed in an action hero outfit including a cape and funky accessories.


Like all strong female heroines, each Bratz® Action Heroez™ doll has her own special power. We got to meet and learn about Cloe whose special power is her speed dash. She’s a fashion-obsessed, vegetarian, art-loving girl who loves taking photos of her friends and shopping! Her friends say she’s sweet but tough! Just the girl you want on your side!


Cloe doesn’t work alone; her superhero friends include Shira and Yasmin, both with their own special powers, colourful outfits and unique personality traits.

Each doll comes with a hairbrush and a mini Action Hero figurine that unlocks two games through an iPhone app at no cost.




Once you download and unlock the iTunes app (instructions included) you can get started with one of two games modes. In Adventure mode, kids can choose one of five Action Heroez characters and work to save their world from threats.

When playing in the Virtual Experience, you can use the mini figurine to make your Bratz come to life. In this 3D world, you can train your Action Heroez, change her outfits and interact with other characters. Both games are pretty entertaining and fun for young kids. Little S loved it once we got her all set up.


The Bratz® Action Heroez™ are available at major retailers in Canada. They are reasonably priced at $29.99 which makes for a great gift this Christmas or even a birthday party gift.

Check out the Bratz website for more information and to get a look at the other Bratz characters.

If you were a superhero, what super power would you wish to have?

Happy holidays!

City Mom



Flutterbye Flying Fairy: One of Christmas 2013 Top 10 Toys {Giveaway)


 There is sure to be lots of excitement, laughs and crazy fairies flying around this Christmas with the Flutterbye Flying Fairy. Voted as one of the top 10 toys this holiday season, the Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Mastermind Toys will not disappoint.

Read on to learn more about this cute little pixie and her friends and to enter to win one of your own.


The Flutterbye Flying Fairy is a six-inch fairy that magically flies above your hand. Attach your fairy to her base, charge her up send her off. Once she is in the air, use your hand to guide her flight path.



The Flutterbye Flying Fairy comes with a display stand that also acts as the charger for the fairy. A 30 minute charge results in 5 minutes of flying time and it takes 6 AA batteries in the base. The battery inside the fairy is rechargeable.

After you have charged your fairy (charging instructions included) it’s time to fly! Flutterbye Fairies are made for indoor flying free of vents, bright lights, fans or remote control devices as they can interfere with the fairy’s flight.

Launch your fairy from her base and watch her fly. You’ll see the faces of your whole family light up as it is quite the experience. You can stop your fairy by pressing the button on the base once to slow her down or twice to stop her right away (good for emergencies).

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy is recommended (by the manufacturer) for children five years old and up. From our experience, we think that children that young might have some trouble getting started with the fairy.

The very first time you send her on her flight, it gets a little hectic. She flies pretty fast and pretty high and there is definitely a learning curve with getting to know how to work her. Luckily you can visit to get some flight tips and troubleshooting suggestions.


Little S (age 6) and I loved playing with our Flutterbye Fairy. Once I got the hang of it I was able to instruct her how to use it. I wouldn’t yet leave the two together unsupervised as accidents (like crashing into the wall) can happen if not controlled properly. Don’t worry about hurting your fairy, she’s actually pretty durable for such a delicate being. She’s been built to withstand crashes and falls.

In my opinion, this toy is best suited for kids aged 7+ and will provide lots of fun this Christmas.  Even though five minutes sounds like a short amount of time, it`s actually the perfect amount of time to keep young children’s interest. After a quick charge the fun can start again, and with the wireless display stand, she acts as decoration too in Little S’ room.


Mastermind Toys

You can buy the Flutterbye Flying Fairy at Mastermind Toys and it retails for $39.95. There are still lots of shipping days left for most of Canada and the US by regular post. Check out Mastermind Toys’ handy shipping schedule here.  You’ll also receive free shipping on orders of $60 or more.


Today you can enter to win one Flutterbye Flying Fairy (colour to be chosen at time of shipping) from Mastermind Toys. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below.

Good luck & happy holidays!

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Get Fab Holiday Hair: Rowenta Curl Active {Giveaway}


If you have a special female to buy for this holiday season you can end your search because she will love the Rowenta Curl Active! Read on to learn the cool facts about this hair appliance and enter for a chance to win your own!


I love to add curls and volume to my hair for special occasions or just to change things up once in a while. My hair is pretty close to pin-straight so in order to achieve a good look I need a pretty powerful tool. In the past I was using my flatiron to create waves and it worked well, but I absolutely love the Curl Active in place of this as it’s a better tool for the job.

Here are tope five things I love about the Rowenta Curl Active:

    1. HighTechCurling™ Technology: perhaps the most notable feature of the Curl Active is the self-spinning, motorized barrel. It really makes a big difference in creating the perfect curl. You simply secure your hair at the end with the on-handle triggered clip and press the rotation button and the rest is done for you.
    2. Barrel Diameter: The titanium barrel is the perfect width for on trend curls. At 1 ¼ inch width, it creates loose, chunky curls rather than small ringlets. The barrel is coated with a tourmaline-boosted ceramic coating which makes gentle, infrared heat so it’s safe for your hair.
    3. Style Options: The barrel can rotate either right or left so you can create different styles of curls.
    4. Temperature: I also love that there are two temperature settings because I have thin strands and too much heat can be damaging. You can choose 350°F for thin hair or 400°F for thicker hair.
    5. Safety: I don’t have to tell you that 400°F is hot so I love the safety feature included that causes the barrel to automatically spin back when it reaches the root so it never touches the scalp.



I’m not a very hair savvy person. I’ve never felt I can style my hair as good as they do at the salon and I lack the coordination it takes to blow-dry with a round brush. With this in mind, I may have a bigger learning curve than most but I did find learning to use the Curl Active a bit trying.

After a few practice runs, I was able to get the hang of it and create a photo-worthy style. If you’re good with hair appliances you should have no problem, but if you struggle like me, plan on a few tries before getting it just right.

The biggest stumbling block I had was figuring out how to get the barrel moving in the direction I wanted but after just a couple of strands I got the hang of it. I also had trouble remembering to reset the clip to the front at the start of each curl, but again, practice makes perfect and I soon got into the habit.



Just in time for the holidays, Rowenta Beauty has partnered with Trade Secrets to offer the Curl Active at a special holiday price. The Rowenta Curl Active usually sells for $179.99 which is a reasonable price in my opinion based on the quality of the tool. Until December 24, 2013, you can buy the Curl Active at Trade Secrets and select salons for $99.95! That is an $80.00 saving!


Today on City Mom you can enter to win your own Rowenta Curl Active! The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Please see rules and regulations in Rafflecopter widget.

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

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Personalize the Holidays with {Giveaway}


Last May I took a life changing, solo trip to Paris, France and the memories will last forever but a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why when I was offered the chance to create a photo art piece with Posterjack, I jumped at the chance. I knew exactly which photo from my trip I was going to turn into art so I could hold the memory forever.


From Posters to Acrylic Prints to Gallery Boxes and everything in between, there are so many photo art options to choose from at This is perhaps the most difficult part of the process; deciding how you want to style your photo.

I decided on the Metal Print for my photo because I wanted to go for a modern and sophisticated look and it proved to be a great decision with my particular photo…you’ll see why a little way down.

First, let’s run through the Posterjack process:


  1. Select the photo you’d like to turn into photo art (no need to make adjustments as Posterjack provides those tools)
  2. Navigate to
  3. Select the style of print you would like to create. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure. Click on any of the labels on the homepage and you will see a description and example of each style.
  4. Once you’ve decided on your style, browse for your image on your PC
  5. Select the size you’d like your print
  6. Choose ‘Upload Image’
  7. Posterjack will provide an Image Quality Check which gives you peace of mind that your product is of the best quality.
  8. Follow the next steps as Posterjack easily leads you through the process. You’ll be able to make decisions like framing and hanging options, border choice and image effects.
  9. Once you’re done, verify your photo art information on the right hand side. If it’s all correct, you’re set!
  10. Click ‘Add to Shopping Cart’ and provide payment options and voila, you’re done!


So, I mentioned my trip to Paris and when you think of Paris what comes to mind first; the Eiffel Tower right? Of course I had to have a print of the iconic landmark that I took myself.

Here is my raw photo (shrunk and watermark for the purpose of this post):


And here is my Metal Print from Posterjack:

Posterjack Metal Prints

Posterjack Metal Prints

Since I was going for a modern look, I knew the Metal Print was going to help to achieve that but I wanted something a little more edgy so I used the Charcoal Sketch image effect. The result is a personalized, original piece of art that means so much more to me than if I had of bought it in a store.

The Metal Print coincides with the iron used to build the Eiffel Tower. At the perfect angle, it reflects light and shines much like the tower does in real life. It truly is one of my favourite wall hangings in our home.


One City Mom reader will win a $75 + Free shipping credit to This amount is plenty to create a gorgeous, personalized gift for someone you love! Imagine their surprise finding that under the tree this year? Open to Canadian residents only.

To ensure that the winner is able to create their piece of art and have it delivered on time for Christmas, this will be a short giveaway lasting just one week. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gift Guide: The perfect gift for the iPad & Tablet User


Looking for a unique yet practical gift idea for Christmas? I have just the thing for you and the iPad enthusiast in your life!

The PadPillow – a pillow stand for iPad made by IPEVO , allows you to rest iPad on your lap while you use your wireless keyboard to type (as I am doing now while stretched out on my couch!) or, you can use it to support iPad in front of you, hands free, while you lay down to watch a movie, or simply have it on your lap in front of you while you lay in bed.

As it promises on the packaging, it certainly is versatile, soft and comfy!  It even comes with a removable, machine-washable cover made from 100% cotton fabric and comes in a variety of colours.  Not only is it perfect for iPads but it is also compatible with most tablet computers and my husband even used it with his laptop since the bottom of his computer often gets hot on his lap.

If you’re like me, you take your iPad all over the house with you. Unfortunately, before getting to test this product, I was not aware that anything existed to make my iPad experiences more comfortable; I would roll over on my side in bed so that I could be hands free but then I was looking down at it sideways and would often get a sore neck.

I’m still a breastfeeding mama, so I would often like to look on the iPad while my daughter was feeding and it was difficult to do so without having it raised up.  Now, I can prop it up and check emails or surf the net to multitask as a busy mom.  The ability to sit with my iPad on my lap while I watch TV without getting tired fingers and wrists from holding it has definitely made this my new favourite accessory!

Not only did I get to test this amazing PadPillow, but I was lucky enough to be sent the Perch – Desktop Stand for iPads to test as well.  I often use my iPad to look up recipes as I cook in the kitchen but then I’m constantly looking down at the counter to read and that also gives me a sore neck after hours of cooking.

If you need to reposition the iPad while you’re cooking and you have sticky or dirty hands from cutting/peeling, etc., you get your case all dirty as well.  The Perch allows you to securely mount your iPad in place with a heavy-duty holder so your recipes are accessible at eye-level and it tilts and rotates with precision so there’s no need to touch it with gooey fingers.

It has a heavy-gauge steel base which holds it securely on countertops, desktops and tabletops.
The only issue (and it’s very small) is that the Perch doesn’t fit my iPad with it’s protective case on it so I had to remove it in order for the iPad to fit securely inside, but when weighing out the cost/benefit of this, the advantage that the Perch offers far outweighs the alternative.

Ipevo has certainly listened to the complaints of iPad and tablet users and has brought us some extremely innovative and essential products that I am highly recommending you try this holiday season.



iPevo has such a wide-range of innovative products like the items I’ve mentioned above to USB Superchargers, to document cameras to other iPad and tablet gear that can all be purchased online.


Today I’m excited to offer a giveaway just for City Mom’s US readers! That’s right; today you can enter to win one PadPillow in charcoal grey and one Perch Desktop Stand (S) in black. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck! Open to continental US states, Hawaii and Alaska.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gift a Healthy Snack Subscription from Snackbox {Giveaway}


I’m going to give you five really excellent reasons to try Snackbox, a Vancouver-based, healthy snack subscription service or to give you good reasons to gift it to someone you love this holiday season. Read on to get a 15% discount and a chance to win a one-month subscription.

First let’s learn more about Snackbox…


Snackbox is a Canadian company that was developed to help simplify the task of discovering innovative products, new brands, and finding your new favourite snack.

It is a monthly subscription to delivery of healthy, natural, and most of all, delicious snacks! Each month your Snackbox will arrive packed full (10 to 12) of healthy snacks that are handpicked by Snackbox’s own in-house holistic nutritionist so that busy parents don’t have to spend time reading the labels. Each shipment comes with a guide describing the products you’re receiving and where you can find more.

Snackbox has flexible subscription options to meet your needs; there are three subscriptions for members to choose from. Prices start from $24 per month for a six-month subscription, $27 per month for a three-month subscription, and $33 per month  a monthly subscription (plus $6.95 shipping and applicable taxes).


  1. Your children will be motivated to try new, healthy snacks: When we received a knock at the door and the mail carrier delivered our first Snackbox, Little S was so curious about what it was and what was inside that she didn’t question what things were or balk at trying them. She volunteered it because her inquisitiveness caused her to forget about her usual skepticism when it comes to trying something new.
  2. Your list of snack options will grow: If your family is like mine, you always need a pantry full of healthy snack options to send in school lunches and to have on hand for in-between meals. We constantly struggle to find a balance of what Little S likes and what we feel good about giving her. Now that her interest has grown because of her initial impression of the healthy snacks delivered to our door, I can now add those items to our list…this is priceless in my opinion.
  3. You can sample with confidence: Have you ever perused the health food aisle of the grocery store and thought that the products looked good but you just weren’t sure how they were going to taste and didn’t want to spend the money in the case that you and your family didn’t like them? Well with Snackbox, this dilemma is eliminated because you get a variety of items to try without having to buy an entire box or bag or a particular product. ! Next time you’re craving some treats, you can run into the grocery store, and grab the brand you’ve already tried (and know you like) in Snackbox.
  4. The hard work is done for you: Again, that health food section can be pretty overwhelming. Just because something says “green” or “lean” or “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Because the items in the Snackbox are curated by their in-house nutritionist, you can rest assured that the items are chosen for you because they are really and good for you! And the rest of the Snackbox team taste tests the items chosen and only the favourites get included!
  5. You don’t have to search high and low for healthy alternatives:  Thankfully there are a lot of options out there for health food shopping but trying to find particular items at particular stores can make you feel dizzy! Receive your monthly subscription and if you fall in love with a product, read more about it in the Snack Happy guide that comes with your Snackbox. It includes all the information you need about the stores you can find the products at and the cost of each product. It also includes a detailed description about each product so you can really get to know your food. 


I received November’s Snackbox and we just loved it. Here is what was included:


  1. Sensible Portions Veggie Chips
  2. Arora Creations Gobi Spice
  3. Teas’ Tea
  4. Bella Viva Orchards Pear Slices
  5. Pirate’s Booty Cheese Puffs
  6. My Smoothie Green
  7. Cocolico Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate
  8. La Fourmi Fruit & Nut Medley
  9. Enerjive Quinoa Skinny Cracker
  10. True To Nature Hemp Protein Bar
  11. Lara Bar


If those five reasons aren’t yet enough to try Snackbox, here’s another: the team at Snackbox has created a discount for City Mom readers for the holiday season so that you can try it out or gift it at a reduced cost.

Enter the code “CITYMOM” at checkout and you will receive $15.00 off the cost of your first Snackbox (valid for first time customers only). Expires December 31, 2013.


Today you can enter to win a one month Snackbox subscription. Use the Rafflecopter form below. Open to Canadian residents only. Good luck and happy snacking!

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