Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter?

The short answer based on my recent findings, is no, size does not matter!  But don’t get too excited guys…we may not be talking about the same thing…

I am referring to the size of the outdoor space a residence has.  We all watch those real estate shows where child-rearing couples are concerned with the amount of backyard space the property has, or we have been in the same situation; and for good reason.  For those of us who have children and have never tried the high-rise living option, a large backyard seems like a must-have! 

It wasn’t until recently while I was sitting on the balcony in our new condo, watching my husband and daughter play a game of Leap Frog  (They had scattered a half-dozen rubber squares (each about 24 sq inches) on the balcony. They had to jump from square to square pretending they were Lilly pads and the concrete, water.  They had to avoid falling in the water.) that I realized size really doesn’t matter.  I looked at their faces and observed how much fun they were having and noted to myself,  that children don’t care how big the space is that they are playing in, they care about what they are playing and who they are playing with.  Is it fun and entertaining?  Then that’s all they are concerned about.

I have since viewed  our 20’ x 7’ concrete slab in a whole new light.  Originally I viewed it as an adult zone.  I had extravagant ideas for the space with a modern conversation set and outdoor kitchen…an extension of our indoor living space, really.  Now I see it as a shared living/recreation space for my husband and me and our daughter.  We can use the space as a ‘backyard’ as you might say. 

The latest addition to our backyard is a fresh water, chlorine free, heated pool.  You’ve read correctly – a pool on the balcony. I bought it, filled it with air (from my own lungs) and lugged pail after pail of warm water from the bathroom, over the hardwood floors, through the living room and to the balcony, to create a relaxing and fun oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle.  My husband worried that we would have no way of dispelling the water but I assured him I had a plan.  We wait for a hearty rain and release the plug at the bottom of the pool and no one will know any different.  Sure enough that is what happened and now we can start fresh next weekend.  (I really hope that my neighbours below are not fans of City Mom!)

So the moral of this story is that contrary to popular belief, size does not matter.  That is good news for everyone!