Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic!


Well, I have to say, I was right! This year’s Disney on Ice show did not disappoint! My kids had so much fun and were totally engrossed the whole time! Even my husband and I were thoroughly entertained! There is something for everyone. My 6-year-old daughter always loves the princesses and there was certainly no shortage in that area! She got to sing along with Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Elsa and Anna and was captivated by Cinderella, Jasmine and more! My 4-year-old son loved it all as well, but especially loves Finding Dory, so he was completely mesmerized by Nemo, Dory and the gang, as well as Toy Story, The Lion King and Aladdin!


This year’s theme of the show is “Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic” and the show has a cast of over 50 of the Disney characters we know and love! The show opens with Mouse-ter of Ceremonies Mickey Mouse, along with Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy, who all help to set the tone for the excitement that is to come!


Also, I don’t know any kids who don’t love Frozen! Elsa, Anna, and Olaf were dazzling and amusing, as always! My daughter chose to dress like Elsa for the show and was so happy, as there is quite a fair bit of the first half of the show dedicated to Frozen! My daughter loved watching the falling snow and pyrotechnics! It was quite the performance!




This was such an amazing show and we feel so fortunate to have had the chance to share in these magical memories with our children. I loved watching their faces as they were taking it all in; they were in awe! There is just something so enchanting about Disney. If we could live at Disney, we would! For now though, we’ll settle for getting to experience that magical feeling right here in London, every year when ‘Disney on Ice’ skates into town!



There are still 7 more performances available for viewing at Budweiser Gardens in London. Here are the upcoming show times:
Mar. 1 – 10:30am & 7pm
Mar. 2 – 11am, 3pm, 7pm
Mar. 3 – 1pm & 5pm

Tickets start at: $17.25*
To order tickets by phone: 1-866-455-2849
To order tickets online: or

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Jump, bounce, dunk and climb your way to fun for your next birthday party in London!

Flying Squirrel birthday parties

It was that time of year again, my son’s 4th birthday was coming up and I was looking for birthday party ideas. His birthday is in October and the weather is never consistent at that time of year. In the past, It has been hot and sunny but also snowy and cold, so choosing an indoor space is usually a safer option.

Enter Flying Squirrel SportsWorld’s largest indoor trampoline park! We’re so lucky to have one right here in London! If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday, consider hosting a trampoline party with Flying Squirrel Sports (FSS)!

Partying with FSS

My son is obsessed with the show PJ Masks – with regular kids who turn into superheroes at night to fight crime. I was hoping to somehow combine my PJ Masks theme with a nighttime theme, but for a bunch of 4 year-olds, hosting the party in the evening just wasn’t feasible. FSS was so accommodating and agreed to make part of the jump time under their Neon Lights. This means they turn off the lights and the whole complex glows under black light! Normally, this only happens from 9:00 pm-midnight on Friday and Saturday nights but they agreed to offer this for us and it absolutely made the entire party! The kids and parents loved it and it added a new fun element to their jumping time!

The kids and parents that came to our birthday party at FSS were blown away by the entire event. Not only is the facility huge and totally awesome for guests of all ages, but the actual birthday party festivities were so well organized and run by the FSS staff – it made it a breeze for my me and my husband. We were actually able to relax and enjoy ourselves on the trampolines and have some fun of our own! The facility also offers dozens of comfy leather couches all around for spectators who aren’t jumping but still want to be part of the action.

But don’t take it from just me, check out our action-packed video to see the fun for yourself:

Safety first

 My son had just started junior kindergarten a month before his party and was going to be inviting many of his little friends, so I was a bit concerned about their safety if bigger kids were jumping around them. However, FSS offers a special small child area for children 6 and under. Though, if they choose to jump in the main areas, they also offer numerous staff members to help monitor and ensure everyone’s safety. They also offer special toddler jump times Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and weekends from 10:00 am to 11:00 am for only $10/hour! You can also buy toddler and family passes for use anytime.


Check out for more pricing/pass options.

FSS offers a variety of birthday party packages starting from as low as $240. The packages include set-up, clean up, decorations, tableware, pizza, bottled water and 2 hours of jump time! You can add things like fruit/veggie trays as well. They also have a refrigerator/freezer for you to keep a birthday cake in that they allow you to bring in separately and your party host will even cut and serve it for you. They also offer customizable party invitations!

Flying Squirrel Sports isn’t only about the kids though! They also offer team building/corporate events, fitness courses and as always, they offer a military discount.

Book your party

When I originally made my booking, a FSS staff member called me only a couple of hours afterward and was so helpful and friendly. You can book over the phone, online or in their new mobile app (for iOS devices)! Through the app, you can purchase tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line, guarantee tickets, book parties and receive notifications about specials, coupons, etc.

I highly recommend Flying Squirrel Sports for booking a birthday party, other special event or even just to visit for a day of fun! You will not be disappointed by the value-for-the-money and the ease of booking with them. Best of all, your child will think you’re the coolest parent around!

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Pony & unicorn parties with Touchstone Farm

Pony & Unicorn Party London ON

Even though you wouldn’t think it with the freezing rain we’ve had this week, the warmer weather is right around the corner and outdoor birthday parties will be an option again for us party-planning parents!

With a family of four, I am always looking for fun and unique birthday party ideas in the London and surrounding area.  My son Henley’s birthday is in October, which usually still allows for us to have an outdoor birthday party.

Touchstone Farm birthday

This past fall, he was really into cowboys, so I decided to go with a cowboy theme for his 3rd birthday party. We had recently moved and now we had a large backyard that would have been perfect for trail rides with a pony; my party planning brain went to work and I got really excited about the possibility of having a pony come right to our house! I could picture my son’s eyes lighting up as he saw a real, live pony for him to ride at his very own home!  Now I just needed to find out if this was really a possibility…


Touchstone Farm

Enter Touchstone Farm; they truly made our dreams come true!  They were so easy to deal with and explained all of their packages to me, which included travel to personal homes for birthday parties!  I was so excited!!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not cooperate with us that day but Touchstone Farm had a backup plan to keep the party rolling!  They came prepared with canopies that they set up in order to offer enough space to still give pony rides in the rain.  Crisis averted!

Touchstone Farm definitely made this birthday party one to remember. All of our guests were so impressed and loved that their kids got to ride the cute ponies! They also have a travelling petting zoo with mini horses, mini sheep, ducks, silkie chickens, a rabbit and more.

Note that these are available weather and season dependent! They also do ​unicorn parties​ where the ponies dress up in tutus and unicorn horns!

Touchstone Farm Unicorn Party

I highly recommend Touchstone Farm to anyone for a very fun and unique party idea that is sure to please! I also love them because they really care about their animals and treat them well. Some animal party businesses buy their animals in the spring for their busy season and then sell them off in the fall.  Not Touchstone Farm; eight of their nine horses are rescued and all of their animals are like family to them and they would have them whether they had their business or not!

Thanks Touchstone Farm for making my son’s birthday an amazing, memorable experience for everyone!


It’s time to start party planning! Do you have a child with an upcoming birthday? Check out their various birthday party packages at

Find them on Facebook and Instagram too or call: (519)535-2787.

Happy trails to you!

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Disney on Ice: Dream Big! Why we loved it!

My husband, daughter, son and I attended the latest Disney on Ice performance ‘Dream Big’ last night at Budweiser Gardens in London.

Disney on Ice Dream Big

The show was fantastic! I think that it was my favourite one yet! The artistic skating was beautiful and the daring acrobatics were very entertaining, even for me and my husband!

The moment we sat down, I saw the wonder on my son’s face, who is only three, as he watched Mickey and Minnie host the opening of the show. My daughter was so excited to see all the princesses and was pleasantly surprised when Tinkerbell appeared before each new scene. Eight Disney princesses are featured Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White, and if that weren’t enough, Elsa and Anna, are also part of the show, all the way from Arendelle!

Disney on Ice Princesses
Elsa and Anna

My son was interested in the princesses as well, but just as I suspected, he really got excited when Olaf made his debut! Elsa and Anna were so beautiful and were a hit with our kids! Each separate Disney princess scene also included her prince and familiar friends. My son also loved seeing Flounder and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Lumière from Beauty and the Beast. He was entertained the entire time!

Disney on Ice Frozen

***Spoiler Alert***

Each Disney princess’ story is told in a separate scene and when it was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty’s turn, a large, fire-breathing dragon comes out and my kids were a bit afraid, even asking through the rest of the show if there were more “scary” parts to come. So warn your little ones when Sleeping Beauty’s story begins that there is big dragon coming out that breaths fire!

They absolutely loved the whole show though and so did we! I definitely recommend checking it out! It was an experience that our family will never forget and I love that the Disney on Ice franchise teaches our kids to ‘Dream Big’!


Disney on Ice Dream Big!

Venue: Budweiser Gardens
Show Times:

  • Fri. Mar. 2 – 10:30am & 7pm
  • Sat. Mar. 3 – 11am, 3pm & 7pm
  • Sun. Mar. 4 – 1pm & 5pm

Tickets start at: $15*
To order tickets by phone: (519) 667-4500
To order tickets online:  or

Enjoy the show!

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Have The Ride Of Your Life With The Y Flyer by Y Volution!

Y Flyer Scooter Review

Is it a scooter? Is it a bike? Why do we have to choose? Let’s just have fun!


Balance Bike by YVolution

Why Y  Volution? Because it’s a company that is run by a bunch of “big kids” and who better to design the toys that our children want than designers who are big kids themselves?

You probably remember the balance bike that became all the rage back in 2009. Well Y Volution is the same company that brought us that cool invention and they didn’t stop there. With over 10 cool rideable toys, they have put the “weeee” in wheel.

They have actually teamed up with PhD researchers at Dublin City University and The University of California to find out how they could make rides that are both educational and fun for kids of all ages. They have turned that research into results to create a new breed of awesome rides that actively help to improve gross motor skills, balance, spatial awareness, coordination and even emotional development at a young age!

But shhh! don’t tell the kids that they’re learning while having fun…we’ll keep that between us?!


Little S and I got to test the Y Flyer by Y Volution and it was so much fun. We laughed our heads off while learning to ride and then while riding. It was the most fun we both had in a long time. Check out our YouTube video below to see what I mean.


Y Flyer Features

  • Super grip foot plates for ultimate comfort and control
  • Fun and unique forward propelling motion
  • The Y Flyer is built with a strong steel frame that is easily foldable for quick storage and travel
  • Quick-response handbrake for increased control and security
  • Suitable for boys and girls aged 7 and over with a max weight of 154 lbs (70kgs).

Y flyer folded
Note that there is some assembly required but I was able to put the Y Flyer together by myself in about 20 minutes. There is also a moderate learning curve to get started and this will obviously vary by child. Once you get the basics of how to get going, you can practice to go at higher speeds and even pull some tricks!

PLEASE NOTE: Head protection should be worn by everyone using these toys!


The Y Volution products are available in Canada at Toys R Us, Walmart and Canadian Tire. Check out the full product line at

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

Happy holidays!

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L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 Dolls & Collectibles

LOL Surprise Series 2

If you have a young child or tween, you are likely already know all about L.O.L. Surprise! toys. If you aren’t, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today we review six of the Series 2 L.O.L. Surprise toys and we highly recommend them for stocking stuffers and/or gifts under the tree this year.


In our unboxing video, we open two L.O.L. Surprise Lil Tots Balls, two L.O.L. Charm Fizz Balls and two  L.O.L. Lil Sisters Balls. These cute little collectibles make for the perfect gift because they combine many surprises in one toy.

L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 – Lil Tots

LOL Surprise Lil Tots Series 2

These include seven layers of fun:
  • Secret message stickers
  • Collectible stickers
  • Bottle charm
  • Shoes
  • Outfit
  • Fashion accessory
  • L.O.L. Surprise Tot Doll with water surprise

L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 – Lil Sisters

LOL Surprise Lil Sisters Series 2

These include five layers of fun:
  • Secret message stickers
  • Collectible stickers
  • Small fashion accessory
  • Large fashion accessory
  • Colour-change Lil Sisters doll

L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 – Fizz Charms

LOL Surprise Fizz Charms Series 2

These include three layers of fun:

  • Ring tatoo
  • Sticker decal for charm accessory
  • Charm accessory


The L.O.L. Surprise Series 2 Lil Tots start at $13.99, the Lil Sisters start at $9.95 and the Fizz Charms start at $4.99. In Canada, they can be found at Indigo Books & Music, Toys R Us, Showcase, Mastermind Toys, Walmart and more. Visit to learn more.

And guess what?! L.O.L. Surprise! Series 3 (pets) are coming very soon! Be sure to check all the stores mentioned above as they undoubtedly will sell out fast as these collectibles are on the top of everyone’s list!

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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