Twitter – Not Just a Social Networking Service

Monday was the day that I realized Twitter was not just a tool I use for networking, idol chat and promoting City Mom.  Because on this day,  I used Twitter to ask for support, and support I received.

My husband underwent shoulder surgery on Monday and being the worrier that I am, I started to feel anxious as soon as they wheeled him away.  I got my iPhone out to pass some time and found myself reaching out on Twitter.

My first outgoing update was very simple and to the point:  Trying to pass time while my husband is in surgery…talk to me.  I followed up with:  Maybe I should mention I’m feeling a bit nervous and would like some distractions.   (Messages can be no more than 140 characters)

Within seconds I was receiving my first response.  In total, I began comforting ‘conversations’ with eight of my ‘tweeple’ (a blend of Twitter and people).  I read reassuring comments such as “Don’t be too nervous. He’s in the best hands possible!”, “I’m sure your husband will be fine – but I don’t blame you for worrying – I would do the same!” and one friend even sent me a link to a humorous video to help me pass the time.

There was something these short messages offered that day that nothing else could have.  I wasn’t in the mood to talk on the phone and I certainly wasn’t feeling social enough to strike up a conversation with any of the strangers sitting nearby. 

These interactions provided a light diversion to help me through my nervousness but didn’t require too much of my energy, leaving me feeling drained, which is easy to have happen when you’re stressed.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  No pun intended!

Although I’ve never met most of my Twitter friends face-to-face and some of them live in an entirely different country, it doesn’t seem to matter.  A few characters on-screen and some kind people made me realize that Twitter is not just a social networking tool.  It is a friend-maker, a relationship-builder and a support network.

A special thanks to my tweeps who were there for me the other day.  If you’re not following them already, please do so:  @kimforgeta, @Tinytoot, @slypigjeff, @j0_mAmA@gracekellycakes, @saucygurl915, @SweetSheil and  @CaseKidsLikeIke.    And if you don’t have a Twitter account, start one up today!

Photo courtesy of Photograph by jscreationzs.

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