London Day Camps

London Days Camps

Whether you’re looking for some fun for your children during the summer months or the cold winter months, here’s a list of London’s day camps that will be sure to the kids engaged and entertained!

Please note not all camps are open to all ages. Please click on links below to find out more information.

As in other City Mom lists, this is a growing collection and if you know of a worthy addition, please contact me at

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  • Lindsay

    We’re not at this point yet of having to think about summer childcare but will be soon enough! Thanks for listing all of these. Have you decided what you’re going to sign Little S up for yet?

    • Thanks Lindsay. There are so many more great options to add to this list. It’s always hard to find everything so it’s a living list!

  • karie

    Question ; Do you know what Camp or Program is going on at Emily Carr PS. We live in the area and are new to the area and I was looking for a camp for my 7 year old daughter to go too

  • We’re running a French and music day camp from 22-26 August for 7-12 year olds (‘French and Music Ensemble’ summer camp). To learn French through musical activities (ensemble playing, singing in French, rhythmology drumming, tailor-made French workshops). Small performance at the end of the week in the theatre of the venue. At the Omnibus Clapham SW4 0QW. For all levels of French or music.

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