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You may remember back in October I did a Home Makeover episode with City Mom on Rogers TV where we turned a “closet” into an office. We re-purposed the space from a junk room to a functional work space. It was such a dramatic makeover and the extra space with built-in storage was a life changer.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Although the designer and contractor did most of the work, we still had a lot of stuff to get rid of. First we categorized things to keep, donate, recycle or trash and from there we had to physically get stuff to the right places.

I recall many trips to The Good Will and a trip to the dump to dispose of our unwanted items. It was a lot of work! Though very worth it, I wish that we had have hired some professional assistance to make the job run smoother and quicker.


JustJunk is a  is a locally owned and operated, junk removal service specializing in residential and commercial removals that help customers of all ages with anything from small de-clutter to entire house clean-outs.

JustJunk has been operating across Canada for the past ten years but starting this March they will be serving customers in London, Woodstock, and St. Thomas.

From hot tubs to pianos to yard waste, JustJunk is not limited to what they can remove. And the bonus is that JustJunk will always make it their priority to donate and recycle many of the items they remove. And they try to divert as much material away from landfills as possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your unwanted items are going to the best place possible.


Working with JustJunk is really easy! First you can visit justjunk.com/junk-removal-london and click on Book Online (note, you’ll save $10 by booking this way) and set up your appointment (no credit card needed). JustJunk will first provide a free, no obligation estimate based on the space in their trucks that you will require. Your quote will also include all the lifting loading and disposal.

Alternatively you can call 519-932-1444 to set up your on-site estimate. JustJunk London offers same or next day service and they guarantee quick turnaround time.


More like what won’t JustJunk remove? Check out this awesome list of items they can haul away and check out their website to see the long list of other types of items and services they provide.

  • Gravel
  • Plaster
  • Sod
  • Patio Stone
  • Shingle
  • Dirt
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Gravel
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Lathe
  • Dirt Piles
  • Sidewalk


Find out more from JustJunk London at Twitter & Facebook and on their blog junkdiary.com. Be sure to check out their cool finds from removal services; who knows, maybe you’re sitting on a treasure!

Whether your job is big or small save yourself the time, money and energy and leave it to the pros at JustJunk!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. As always the opinions expressed here are completely my own.

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