Power Stroller

As you may know, my daughter will be 7 weeks old on Saturday and I just received the go ahead from my doctor to resume my physical activity.  I couldn’t wait to get back at it, but it is definitely more challenging now having a little one to think about as well; I can’t just get up and go to the gym like I used to.

Power Stroller

Luckily there is a class that allows me to combine my physical activity with spending time with my child so I don’t have to find childcare every time I want to workout.

City Mom has featured Bernice Robinson, Personal Trainer on her blog over the last couple of years and now Bernice has started a new company called Power Stroller.

Power Stroller is a progressive fitness training program; meaning, that as your level of fitness progresses, so does the level of training.  This enables you to maximize your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular performance while enjoying time with your baby and forming new friendships with other mothers.

With classes running everyday of the week at various locations around London and St. Thomas, it was easy for me to find one that fit into my schedule.


I would like to firm up my muscles since I have lost a lot of toning over the pregnancy.  Bernice mentioned in our first class that muscles go through atrophy during pregnancy and we lose a lot of muscle tone.

I would also like to shed some of the baby weight I gained, which is about 15 pounds.


I will be participating in the 8-week program with Bernice.  It runs 2 days a week, Wednesdays and Fridays at Springbank Park and I will be sharing my results as I go so stay tuned!

This first week we discussed protein, clean eating and whole foods.  I learned that you should switch up your protein shakes each time you buy a new one.  So if you used Whey protein over a few weeks, the next time you should buy soy based protein powder for example.  There are also recipes listed on the website when you are a client of the program so I look forward to trying some of those as well.  It was really nice meeting all the other new moms in the group.

So far my first week has been very encouraging and I look forward to the coming weeks and the progress I will make.  If you would like more information on these programs, check out the power stroller site at www.powerstroller.ca.

What were your fitness goals after pregnancy and how do you combine fitness with spending time with your children?

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