Always Save Room for Dessert

Okay, so we know by now that I love to throw a good party and if I love anything more than that it’s taking pictures of our parties and posting about the event. But with all that aside, no party is any party without the perfect cake. That is why today, I am thrilled to share Always Save Room For Dessert!, a local custom cake, cupcake and other sweets company owned by cake designer, Justine Travnicek.


Always Save Room For Dessert!

For Justine, her cake making business has been a natural progression; she started with nothing more than a personal interest in cake decorating. When she was younger, her aunt gave her a Wilton cake decorating book and she fell in love. She enjoyed watching her aunt make fabulous creations and absorbed much of what she knows today. As Justine got older, she began to take part in cake decorating classes and it wasn’t too long before she became the ‘go to’ member of her family for desserts. From there, friends began to ask her to create cakes for their celebrations. Soon it was friends of friends and then total strangers begging Justine to make delectable designs for their events. Justine has gone from playing around in her kitchen to spending nights at a local restaurant baking for the celebrations of strangers. She believes that life’s moments should be celebrated, and she’s honored to be a part of those intimate moments through her designs.


Knowing the Little S’ birthday was coming up you’d think I would have been on top of something as important as the cake for her party, but I had left it almost to the last-minute. I put the call out on Twitter asking for local #LdnOnt cake decorators. Justine’s business, Always Save Room For Dessert! was the first recommendation I got and it came with a glowing review. I quickly looked at Justine’s website and I knew right away that my search was over and that I found the perfect cake decorator! With my fingers crossed, I reached out to Justine to see if she had availability and she was more than willing to work within a tight timeline and accommodate my needs. My favourite part about working with Justine was that I was able to share my vision with her and trust her expertise to guide the process. I showed her a picture of a cake I had come across on Pinterest and left the rest with her. The design was better than I could have imagined. Justine followed my wishes and added her own personal touches to make it unique for us. The cake was not only a huge hit with the kids, but with the adults too; it definitely was the centre of attention at our party. And all of this was before we even cut into it. Somehow the taste and consistency of the cake gets forgotten when you’re talking about a work of art, however this cake was one of the most moist cakes I had ever had. Not only was it delicious the day of the party, but it stayed moist for the few days after in the fridge. If you’re looking for a custom cake or cupcakes for your next celebration, I highly recommend calling Justine of Always Save Room For Dessert!


Check out some of Justine`s  designs, especially on her Facebook page…you`ll be blown away! Web: Facebook: AlwaysSaveRoom Email: Twitter: @adozencupcakes Phone: 519-777-3991 Disclosure: I received a complimentary cake in exchange for this feature however the opinions are 100% my own!

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