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If I’m in a rush and have little to no time for my morning routine, the very least that I will do is throw on a coat or two of mascara. There’s something about dark, thick lashes that really brightens an otherwise rushed, sleep deprived look.

Other than fake lashes on Halloween, I’ve never done anything to enhance my lashes more permanently so when I learned of Zipp Lash, I was intrigued. Luckily for us Londoners, Zipp Lash has come to the Forest City and I’m happy to share my experience with you today. And just in time for the holidays (think luscious lashes for New Year’s Eve!).


I’ve always liked my natural lashes; they’re fairly long, thick enough and not too light but that’s not to say that I don’t love jazzing them up a bit as mentioned above. But after trying Zipp Lash, I was pleasantly surprised at the difference lash extensions make.

When I looked in the mirror after having them applied I immediately noticed the difference they make to one’s overall look. The first thing I noticed was that they made me look more youthful and brighter. What I thought was a nice full set of lashes before was enhanced tenfold.

Perhaps the greatest benefit I have realized is the ability to jump out of bed, wash my face and go. You really have to try it to be able to see the ease that lash extensions from Zipp Lash creates. Note: I do not have mascara on in either picture.



Again, since I had never done anything like this before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to the application process. I am happy to report that it is actually a very relaxing experience and absolutely pain-free.

You begin with a consultation by the lash specialist to determine the size and style of lashes that are right for your look. Next, you get to lie down on a massage-type table and close your eyes and the process is done for you while you relax. You feel very little and what you do feel is more like a tickle.


The Zipp Lash process works in two steps and the Lash Care Specialists complete a one-on-one “eyelash residency” with a licensed eye care practitioner.  They learn micro-ophthalmic fitting and the clinical judgement that produces natural, predictable results. Many more questions can be answered on the Zipp Lash FAQ section of their website.


  • Once you have your first application you can go back for “fills” every three weeks or so. Fills take less time than the initial application and cost less.
  • Follow the preparation guidelines as recommended. They ask that you do not wear mascara for 48 hours before application and that you do not use oil-based cleaners or cream. This is important because I had excess oils on my lashes and had to go back a second time to get my lashes completed.
  • It takes some getting used to: if you have never had lash extensions you may notice little habits you have like rubbing your eyes. For the first couple of days you may be inclined to do so but you’ll want to stop yourself to not disrupt the lashes as they are fresh.
  • If one of the lashes comes loose you may notice a very small pinching sensation which is not at all painful. If this happens you can go back to Zipp Lash to have it re-applied but it’s very unlikely that it will happen.


Zipp Lash is located at 640 Wellington Street (at Pall Mall) above Victoria Park Optometry. You can call 1-877.250-7219 to make an appointment.


I absolutely love the outcome of my lash extension from Zipp Lash. The look is subtle enough that I have an “everyday” kind of look. When I add mascara it really ups the drama and looks even more stunning.

I do plan to keep my fills up because I am really happy with the look. I recommend trying Zipp Lash because of the results and the unique application process. It’s painless, effective and worth it!


Two City Mom readers will receive a $25 off coupon for their first Zipp Lash application. If you are interested in this offer leave a comment below and we will randomly select two winners. This offer is available to anyone in the London area, or those willing to travel. Drawing will take place on January 10, 2014.

Happy Holidays!

City Mom

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