Blemished & Blushing

Consider this post to be out of pure vanity and utter shock!  Sorry, I won’t be trying to solve the world’s problems today.  Nor will I be teaching you how to get your child to sleep through the night.  Today I will be focusing on me…and you, if you’re in the same boat.

I consider myself to be relatively young.  After all today’s 50 is the new 40 and today’s 40 is the new 30…and so on.  So at the  age of 33, I am experiencing a problem that I didn’t expect;  a problem that I thought I had successfully sidestepped during my teenage years; a problem that is impossible to hide. 

Right now I’ve got a face that only a mother could love.  A new red spot pops up each day.  One goes away and another stops in for a visit.  And let me assure you, I didn’t invite them over. 

Why is this happening?  Is this common?  And if I must have a teenage face, may I have my teenage body?     

I’m calling out for some woman-to-woman support.  Am I alone?  Are there tips, tricks and remedies you can share?

Blemished & Blushing

Photo courtesy of Photographed by Ahmet Guler.