A Mother’s Day Poem

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all my wonderful mommy friends!

In honour of this special day I have decided to do something I’ve never done before, and that is to share a piece of poetry.

I’ve dabbled in poetry over the years but I have never shared it. Today that changes.

On Mother’s Day
From within a new person emerged when we became mothers
A piece of our hearts, a piece of our souls and a piece of our lives
Almost tangible the feeling inside; to give life and carry on life
We wipe their tears, bandage their scrapes and nourish their souls
Sometimes tough, sometimes thankless but always worth the while
Always and forever we are mothers
Forever and always we are changed

And if you didn’t like that, then you’re sure to like this; a Mother’s Day song by Little S. I asked her to sing a song about Mother’s Day and this is what I heard: A Mother’s Day Song.

Enjoy your day ladies!


City Mom