How To: Vintage Afternoon Tea

Vintage Afternoon Tea

If you haven’t read already, my little sister is due to have her first baby on February 14th. That’s just nine days away. It’s been over five years since we had a new member join the family so we are all eagerly awaiting his or her arrival!

As one of the sisters of the mommy-to-be, I had the pleasure of helping to plan and organize the baby shower. There was only one guideline I was asked to follow, and that was to throw an enviro-friendly party.

Another benefit to living in a condo is that we have access to a huge party room that can hold more than enough people for a great celebration. So it was an easy decision to host the shower here and it saved us some money by allowing us to forego a rental fee.


I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that my party planning skills have increased tenfold since Pinterest came about. You can find motivation and inspiration to host any kind of party using Pinterest. From instructional posts on how to make your own cake to DIY party favours to delicious recipes, Pinterest is a huge help.

Once we selected the theme, Afternoon Tea, I set out on Pinterest to start collecting my inspirations. You can check out my Tea Party Baby Shower board to see some of the great ideas I was able to pin. With the help of my other sister and my mom, we were able to put together a Tea that I think even the Queen would approve of.


Now remember, this had to be as eco-friendly and as literless as possible so there were no using paper napkins, plastic cutlery or Styrofoam plates, which proved to be in better taste anyway, especially when it comes to a vintage tea.

The Table Setting

A treasure hunt trip to Talize (a second-hand store) helped in providing most of what we needed to set the scene for our Afternoon Tea. I was able to find cloth napkins, multicoloured vases and mismatched sandwich plates to dress the table with.

Reused Cloth Napkins

Reused Vases

And my mom (whom we sometimes criticize for hanging on to things too long but we won’t anymore) happened to have enough mismatched tea cups and saucers for everyone.  With some fresh flowers, some pretty ribbon and tea bundle party favours, our table settings were complete.

Vintage Afternoon Tea

Vintage Afternoon Tea

The Tea

If you’re a fan of Dragon’s Den, you may have seen Steeped Tea owners making their pitch to the Dragons. We ordered eight different varieties of loose leaf tea from Steeped Tea and invited guests to make their own cups of tea. From Caribbean Daiquiri to Hot Toddy to After 8, guests were able to treat themselves to as many cups of tea as they could drink. With tea sandwiches like Goat Cheese Watercress and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches the guests were able to indulge, socialize and enjoy the afternoon.

Steeped Tea

Tea Bundle Party Favours

I found inspiration for the party favours from a Pinterest pin (of course) from They were pretty simple to make by using T-Sacs and some jewelry string.  We chose Steeped Tea’s Feminini Tea that is specially infused to help with hormone balance and stress relief.

Tea Bundles

The Vintage Afternoon Tea is a theme that would be a hit for any type of female get together. Bridal showers, wedding showers or even birthday parties, you can’t go wrong with a tea party!

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