How to Cook With Your Kids & Keep Your Cool!

How to Cook With Kids

One of the most difficult things I have ever done is to make cupcakes with my four year-old on TV (shown in the clip below). Cooking and baking in the kitchen with your kids can get really hectic on a normal day. Now throw in the need to keep your cool as a show host and well, let’s just say it was kind of stressful, but the result was quite comedic and this ended up as one of my favourite segments of the show, City Mom on Rogers TV.


In order to be prepared for baking and taping I had to have everything ready ahead of time. I measured all the ingredients ahead of time and placed them in order to be ready to dump into the bowl.

This segment is less than five minutes long, but we all know it takes longer than that to make cupcakes. Not only were we limited on time, we had no room for error.  Another thing we all know, that when cooking with kids, it’s not likely that you’ll make it out error-free.

All was not lost, as I said, it provided a humourous episode and some good blooper shots, but it also gave me insight on how to make things work in the kitchen more efficiently when working with Little S.


If your children are like my daughter, they love to help you in the kitchen. Giving children real tasks and allowing them to be part of the adult world builds confidence and independence, but it can get stressful!

Once in a while I make a “test” recipe so that the finished product is not reliant on perfection. But when I’m making something that I want to turn out properly or when I have limited time, little hands can sometimes get in the way. I never have the heart to turn Little S down when she asks to be included.

This is where my experience on the show comes in handy and here is how you can make it work for you and your family.


Before you call the kids into the kitchen to help you, do a little prep work:

  1. Read through your recipe so that you know exactly what you need and how the timing will work.
  2. Measure out all of the ingredients two times and place each into a separate bowl or container.
  3. Arrange the bowls of ingredients into two workstations, side-by-side.
  4. Organize all the measuring cups, spoons, spatulas etc. that you will need for creating your recipe so that everything is within reach.
  5. Now it’s time to invite your kids into the kitchen to work with you.
  6. Ask your kids to follow along with you. Perform the actions according to the recipe and have your kids do the same.
  7. Allow older children to work small appliance like the mixer.
  8. Trust even the younger kids with delicate tasks like cracking eggs. They’ve got their own batch after all so you can bypass the shells in your own batch.
  9. Have the kids set the oven temp and timer. This is a hit especially if your oven makes sounds.
  10. Have fun!

What tips do you have to make working in the kitchen with your kids easier and stress-free? What are your favourite recipes to make together?

 City Mom