My London: Canada’s Favourite Baseball Park {#LdnOnt}


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If you’re a follower of City Mom, you know I love my city and all the great things about it. But did you know that we’re in the running for winning the title of Canada’s Favourite Ballpark


Baseball Canada’s contest, Canada’s Favourite Ballpark has just finished the preliminary voting and it’s now down to two finalists, London’s Labatt Memorial Park and Thunder Bay’s Port Arthur Stadium

It goes without saying that I think Labatt Memorial Park should win the title. Not only because I’m a Londoner or because my husband, dad and brother-in-law play baseball there many times throughout the summers, but because Labatt Park really is the best ball park in Canada with a very rich history. 

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Labatt Memorial Park is Canada’s “oldest continually operating baseball grounds in the world.” Its history goes back as far as 1877 and has been owned by the City of London since 1936. 

LMP started out as Tecumseh Park after the London Tecumsehs Baseball Club was established. The Tecumsehs played their first game there on May 4, 1877.
Today LMP is home to the London Majors, a team in the Intercounty Baseball League, a semi-pro organization. It`s also home to the London Badgers junior team and many other youth leagues. 

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What I find particularly interesting is the fact that during World War II, LMP (then Tecumseh Park) was home to several women`s baseball teams including the London Supremes who played in the Michigan-Ontario Women’s Fastball League into the 1950s. 

Does the movie A League of Their Own come to mind? It should because the movie was almost filmed there but due to the schedule of the home team at the time (London Tigers) taping couldn’t take place. 


From 1877 to present day, a lot of things have taken place at Labatt Memorial Park. I’m not much of a historian and most of this info can be found on Wikipedia, but I am really proud to have such a great historical landmark in my hometown and I would love to see London bring this title home. 


I know, I know, everyone always say voting is really easy, but in this case, it really is. It will only take you two clicks. Well three if you count closing the window after you vote. 

You don’t have to be a Londoner to vote, you just have to be enthusiastic about Canada’s history. You could also just be a fan of City Mom and vote because I asked you to! Whatever your reason for voting, please do so. Help my city win this much deserved title. 

Voting is open until September 6, 2011 and can be done so here. Thanks for voting! 

If you’re a Londoner, what are your favourite memories of Labatt Memorial Park? I’d love to hear some stories!


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