Christmas Wishlist Must Have – BATTLESHIP LIVE {Giveaway}

Were you a fan of the game Battleship growing up? I sure was…even though I had no real interest in ships or strategy, something about the game really excited me. I loved finding the perfect hiding spot for my ships; one that my opponent would never find. I created a signature move, one that was pure stealth. I would connect two ships to throw my adversary off. It worked every time!

Well Battleship has undergone a makeover and it’s more exciting than ever. With BATTLESHIP LIVE, the classic game has been taken to a whole new level.


In BATTLESHIP LIVE, players will be challenged to keep up with random events during game play. The hourglass-shaped LIVE tower powers game play and speaks to players, directing game play and adding unexpected events throughout the game. Whether it’s an ill-timed typhoon abruptly wreaking havoc on ships or a weapons surplus that adds ammunition for the next turn, players will be on the edges of their seats to find out what happens next. 

The magic of LIVE games is housed in the LIVE tower, which works with the specially designed board, ships and battle pegs to track players’ decisions throughout the game. It also tracks sinking ships and keeps score.


I played BATTLESHIP LIVE with my 6 year-old nephew who is a huge fan of board games. At first I felt overwhelmed with setup and instructions and worried that the game would be too complicated for him. But I was happily proven wrong.

Set up is actually quite easy and once you’re done you just flip the switch and start playing. There’s no need to read a long list of instructions as the game begins with a tutorial that allows each player to become familiar with the board and game play in a hands-on manner.

The rest of the game play is just pure strategy and fun with the voice-guided instructions. I particularly liked the feature that allows you to ask the ‘talking tower’ to repeat that last set of instructions in case you missed something. And the tower uses motion vision to see all your moves. It’s really cool!


Since I was already a fan of Battleship I was eager to start playing right away. And even though BATTLESHIP LIVE is suggested for players 8 years old and up, my 6 year-old nephew was able to enjoy it and follow along fully.

I would recommend this game for adults for sure, and for children 6+. You have to try it out to see what I mean. It’s a HIT! (No pun intended)


BATTLESHIP LIVE retails for approximately $49.99. Visit Hasbro Games to learn more about BATTLESHIP LIVE  and to find out where to buy.


Today on City Mom you can enter to win your own BATTLESHIP LIVE game. Follow the Rafflecopter giveaway instructions below. Good luck and happy holidays!