DIY Starfish Christmas Ornament {Video}

DIY Starfish Christmas Ornament

I know, I know…it’s only October 23rd so you might be wondering why I’m already writing about the holidays. Well, the answer is twofold: first, there are only 63 shopping days left until Christmas; and secondly, we have recently moved into a new home that has a brand new colour scheme, so our old decorations just aren’t going to cut it this year. This means that I need to get started on my decorations now in order to be ready in time, especially if I plan to make some of them myself.


The two main floors of our new home can be best described as a modern, blue/green, beachy, rustic theme. That’s a mouthful, but it’s what I’m going with. I’m so excited about this because well, I love the beach and all things rustic. I would love to celebrate every single Christmas at the beach but I want the snow too, so a perfect combination is a beachy, rustic Christmas here at home!

Of course, ditching our old decorations and creating a new collection will be time-consuming and costly, so I am looking for opportunities to cut these costs by doing some DIY projects; and who doesn’t love a homemade ornament hanging on their tree?


What is a beach-themed holiday tree without a few sparkly starfish right?! I knew this would be my first DIY project and I’m glad it was, because they are so easy to create and require very few ingredients. Check out my video to see how I did it:

As you see, this is a very simple project. I got my supplies at Michael’s (and raided my husband’s toolbox) and used one of their 40% coupons for the Starfish because they are kind of expensive at $19.99 for 4 which made it a much more affordable project.

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