To My Friends


Best Friends Forever

What I’m about to tell you is a memory that is so very clear in my mind. And even though the event took place about 15 years ago, it’s still quite vivid.

It was in my high school math class and it was out in one of those portables. I think it was grade 10 and I remember the teacher asked which of us had a best friend. Of course we all raised our hands. He went on to tell us that having even one person whom you could call your best friend was truly a blessing and that we should consider ourselves lucky.

Something about this stuck with me and I’ve always kept it at the forefront of my mind. I am very fortunate when it comes to my friendships. And as we’ve grown older together and life has become more serious, they’re even more important.

Best Friends Forever

We’ve reached the age where most of us are married and having kids. We’ve all stood up for each other at weddings. We’ve said the speeches and thrown the showers. We’ve celebrated the last nights of singlehood in style and we’ve attended the first birthday parties. We’ve nursed the breakups and the disappointments. We’ve truly been there for each other through thick and thin.

Best Friends Forever

Sure, life and geography have intruded but none of that seems to wear on the relationships. We go through our ups and downs but we always come out on top. A gathering that finds us all at the table is sure to be a laugh-fest. Add some wine to the mix and it’s going to be a night of hilarity.

But tonight we did something together that we haven’t done before. We came together to support one of our own through the loss of a parent. We’re too young to be doing this. It’s too soon and sadly I know it won’t be the last.

Best Friends Forever

Sometimes life gets tough and I spend too much time in fear of that. But tonight I felt a little more at peace because there we were, getting through it together.

If the saying is true that your friends are a true reflection of the type of person you are, then I must pat myself on the back and say I’m a damn good person!

To my friends: yesterday, today and tomorrow, you’ll always have a big piece of my heart!