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This week on City Mom we’re discussing storage issues and home design/organization. We covered my home office issue, but I do have one more secret that I’ve been keeping from you; my laundry room.

When we first moved into our condo, the laundry room had what appeared to be some very functional shelving and hanging options. But as time went on these fixtures became hindrances.  They were no longer helping our organization situation but holding us back from putting things in their place and creating a space of harmony.

We had no clue what to do? Why would we remove what seemed to be good storage options when we were already lacking space? And what did we do with all our ‘stuff’?

Thankfully Betsi came to the rescue!


Betsi is both the name of this company and the organization guru who owns it. Betsi goes beyond organizing and de-cluttering; she helps you discover and uncover the reasons why you are living they way you are and helps you to answer your own questions on why you are living a cluttered lifestyle.

In my experience working with Betsi, I found the amount of psychology that goes on behind the scenes of clutter and disorganization to be fascinating. She helped me connect the dots between our clutter and lack of organization to the feelings it was causing each day.


For example, in the image above you can see upper hanging racks that I believe were first installed to hang wet clothing. What it ended up being for us was a place to put junk; stuff that had no home. Betsi helped me to see the negative feelings I associated with that each time I opened the door to our laundry room.

From Christmas wrapping to a broken refrigerator shelf to an old punch bowl that I never use, this room had become an association with failure. Failure to complete the things I said I would. Failure to find proper places for things that had no right living in my laundry room and failure at being the organized person I thought I was.


With Betsi’s help, we removed the shelving, found proper homes for the clutter, whether it was another location within our home or as a donation to someone in need, we found the right place for it.

We gave the room a new coat of paint, put in functional and purposeful shelving and personalized the room with family photos. We made sure the items we needed on a weekly basis were within reach and the items that were once-in-a-while type items moved to our storage locker in the basement of our building.

So to say working with Betsi was life changing is an understatement. You really can’t put a price on functionality and inner peace. Now we live in a much more organized manner and have been able to keep up with the new design as everything has a home and a place to go!

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