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A Magical Birthday with My Perfect Princess Party

My Perfect Princess Party London

I love party planning and I especially love planning my daughter’s birthday parties. However, my daughter’s birthday is in February and having a winter birthday party is a bit challenging at times since the cold weather limits outdoor activities; finding a theme and having corresponding activities proves to be difficult.

Thankfully, I had My Perfect Princess Party recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad that I called them! They absolutely made my daughter’s 2nd birthday party a huge success and one that we will always remember.


My daughter, like most young girls, is obsessed with Disney’s Frozen, so what better winter theme to have for a February birthday party?! I knew that I could plan Frozen themed food and decorations but I was looking for something really “Frozen” to put it over the top for our guests and reinforce our Frozen theme. Enter My Perfect Princess Party!


My Perfect Princess Party Elsa

My Perfect Princess Party provides amazing princess parties all over Toronto, London and surrounding areas. They recently added Elsa and Anna to their available Disney princess characters.

I contacted them, which is very easily done online or also by phone. Their online booking system gets all of your party information, such as how many children are participating, your preferred date and character(s), a choice of activities and you can even add “extra magic packages” that include dress-up parties and a costume parade!

If you begin your planning process with them, you can even have an option to have personalized themed invitations sent to you as an electronic file that you can print at any photo printer.


I chose the “Fairytale Princess Party” package which includes:

  • 1-hour engagement, perfect for 3-9 year olds (although my daughter was turning two, she was completely engaged in all of the activities.)
  • A choice of characters: The Little Mermaid, Beauty, Cinderella, the Arabian Princess, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Highland Princess, the Frog Princess, Rapunzel, Princess Sophia, the Snow Princess (Anna), the Snow Queen
  • Your character then does the following:
    • Royal Entrance
    • Fairytale Story time
    • Royal Ball Sing-a-long and Dancing
    • Autographs
    • Royal Coronation for the Birthday Girl
    • Happy Birthday
    • Royal Farewell

There are other activities that you get to include as well, depending on the number of children at your party. Check out My Perfect Princess Party to get all the details.


My Perfect Princess Party

One of the included activities we chose was Perfect Princess Makeup and the kids loved it and I really appreciated that Queen Elsa explained to the little girls before applying their makeup, that princesses sometimes dress up by wearing makeup but that real princesses are beautiful just the way they are and don’t need make up!


My Perfect Princess Party

Within seconds of Queen Elsa entering our party, I knew we made the right choice for our party theme and activity. My daughter’s face lit up; she was in absolute awe. In her mind, the real Elsa just walked into her birthday party.

Elsa sang songs with them, (she had an amazing voice) and read a story to the girls as if she were the real Elsa recounting her adventures to them.

My Perfect Princess Party

Elsa took my daughter’s hand and made her feel like a special princess the whole time. Along with all of our guests, my husband and I watched the magical memories that were created for our daughter. We both got teary-eyed watching Elsa do her makeup and paint her nails. You could just see the amazement and total adoration in her eyes. This was a priceless experience and memory; we will never “let it go”!


While My Perfect Princess Party is certainly most popular among young girls, boys can enjoy as well! Boys under six usually enjoy the party as much as the girls. Older boys sometime need to be encouraged to participate but My Perfect Princess Party offers superhero or pirate tattoos and superhero or pirate colouring sheets as well as prizes geared towards boys in the treasure box.


My Perfect Princess Party

After working with My Perfect Princess Party I highly recommend booking them for any little girl’s birthday party. Your little girl will be made to feel like a beautiful princess, completely special on her special day and you will have amazing magical memories.

You guests will be equally entertained and in awe, leaving you to relax and enjoy the event with your child.

For more information on My Perfect Princess Party visit and Like on Facebook.

A special thank you to H&S Studios for capturing our special day and allowing us to sit and enjoy the event right alongside our daughter without missing a beat!

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How To: Bubblegum Birthday Party

Bubblegum Birthday Party

Little S turned five this past week and with that came her ability to chew gum. My husband and I decided a long time ago that five was the age that she’d be able to have chewing gum. I don’t know why we picked five; probably because it seemed so far off into the future and we wouldn’t have to deal with it for a while. But as all parents know, time flies and here we are at the age of five.

When I asked Little S what theme she wanted for her birthday party, she of course picked BUBBLEGUM! It had to be all about bubblegum. I started a Bubblegum Birthday Party board on Pinterest and started collections. Thankfully, I found it to be a very popular theme so I had no trouble gaining inspiration.


I fell in love with these jar filled with gum balls from DIY Louisville. They fueled my theme the whole way through. And they r were pretty easy to make. Here’s how I did it:

Bubblegum Birthday Party

  1. Get some baby food jars. They’re the prefect size for small hands and to fill with a reasonable amount of gum balls. If you don’t have kids eating from jars, ask a friend to save some for you, or buy them from the grocery store and use the pureed food for cakes, breads etc.
  2. Soak the jars and lids in hot, soapy water to clean and to remove the label.
  3. Use a glue remover like Lift Off (Dollar Store) to remove the leftover label glue.
  4. Wash again (dishwasher safe).
  5. Pick your favourite colour of spray paint and spray the lids. You’ll need multiple coats.
  6. While those are drying, create a label for your lids. Measure the size of the lid so that you know how large to print the labels.
  7. Print labels on Label Stock or regular paper and glue them to the lids.
  8. Fill the jars with gum balls.
  9. Tie your favourite ribbon around the jar to add the finishing touch.


To create our Sweets Table I bought various containers from the dollar store and filled them with different types of gum from the Bulk Barn. After cleaning the jars and filling them with the treats, I created labels for the jars. I used card stock to cut the labels out and stick on letters to name them.

Bubblegum Birthday Party

I was lucky to find some matching cupcake stands at the dollar store to display the yummy bubblegum flavoured butter cream cupcakes I got from One Diva and a Cupcake here in London.

One Diva and a Cupcake

I found a complimentary wrapping paper roll and taped it on the wall behind the table to add a matching backdrop. After adding some matching plates, napkins and cutlery, our sweets table was complete.

Bubblegum Birthday Party


The treat bags were really fun and easy to make. We found some matching paper bags from the dollar store and some jeweled letters to personalize the bags with each guest’s name. We filled the bag with treats and then finished them off with some matching tissue paper and the same ribbon. They were a hit!

Bubblegum Birthday Party


We hired a family friend that specializes in Early Childhood Education and creativeness to organize and run the party. She came up with some awesome and theme specific games.

Bubblegum Necklaces

Using necklace wire, ribbons and gum balls, she helped the girls make necklaces out of real gum. These were a huge hit!

Bubblegum Guessing Game

Each girl had a card with the name of four different flavours of bubblegum written and drawn (for those that can’t read) on it. There were given a secret piece of gum and had to identify the gum flavour. Once they decided they had to stick the gum on the corresponding spot. This game was tasty and got a lot of giggles!

Pin the Bubble on Little S

With a printed photo of Little S, each girl was able to try to pin the bubble on Little S’ mouth; a theme specific version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


A board filled with tissue paper covered cut outs where each child gets a chance to ‘pop the bubble’ by punching through the tissue paper and reaching inside to find a prize.

Balloon Pop

Pink balloons or gum balls, were filled with a treat then blown up. The girls got to pop their balloon however they chose to and were able to get the prize inside.

This party was such a big hit for both Little S and her guests. With help from local vendors, trained professionals and Pinterest we were able to pull off our bubblegum themed birthday party without a hitch! I’d say it was a huge success!

What’s your favourite birthday party theme you’ve done for your child?

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