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Have you ever wondered why Mommy bloggers are so popular?  Have you ever considered why Mom blogs receive so much attention from the media, marketing companies and vendors alike?    

Simply put, the answer is: moms trust other moms.   

Studies have shown that women are more likely to take product advice from fellow moms than from a paid for ad such as a TV commercial or a magazine article. We value the opinions of our peers and we believe that if it worked for them, it will work for us.    

With this knowledge in mind, Mommy bloggers carry a huge responsibility. If we are backing something, we need to be confident in the benefits and features of the product or service. We need to stand wholeheartedly behind our recommendation.    

As a mom it’s not easy to be up on all the latest parenting information. In fact, it can be quite overwhelming. We need to be aware of everything from the latest manufacturing risks (think BPA) to the current recalls on children’s products to finding the most effective way to ensure our children are receiving their daily nutrients. The endless questions can keep us up at night!   

Needless to say, we’ve got a lot on our minds.   

Enter Mommy bloggers.    

Mommy bloggers are a unique group of women that are able to positively impact the health of Canadians in a way that is unmatched by any other form of media.    

By following a variety of Mommy blogs, one can effectively receive a varied amount of health and family information. A lot of parents can’t afford to spend the time or money it takes to perform trial and error tests on important family items. Mom bloggers help by testing various products and services and then share the truthful results that ad companies don’t always reveal.   

Women prefer to know the pros and cons of a product or service before making a decision and Mommy bloggers provide the luxury of decision-making based on facts and experience. When a paid ad states only the benefits of a particular item, we become skeptical. We know that nothing is perfect and we want the ability to think for ourselves.   

Mommy bloggers can also have a positive effect on one another in terms of emotional health. Think of Mommy bloggers as a giant group hug. Yes it’s a virtual hug, but reading an honest, confessional post about the struggles, trials and tribulations of motherhood from a trusted fellow mom does wonders for the well-being of your heart and your mind.   

When you feel alone, concerned or unsure about the health of your family, you can be sure to find a friend in the blogosphere. When you want questions answered, quickly and without cost, you know where to go. From one mom to another, we’re all in this together.   

Note:  this article was published as an entry into the Ddrops Blissdom Canada 2011 contest.  City Mom can be found on Twitter @_CityMom and on Facebook!/pages/City-Mom/149870265045621.   

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