Calling All City Mom Fans



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The competition is heating up!  It’s going to be an intense two weeks…but we can do it!

Today on City Mom I’m asking for your help.  A few weeks ago I posted an essay that acted as an entry for Ddrops  Bliss Contest and voting has begun.

Four winners will be selected (from 20 entries) to go to Blissdom Canada 2011. 

What is Blissdom you ask?  Well it’s the Oscars of the Mommy Blogger world.  Okay, I may be exaggerating a little.  It’s actually a conference held somewhere in Canada (location is TBD) where women who blog get to meet under one roof to celebrate, learn, network and meet up with friends made through the blogging world.

I REALLY want to go.  And you can help me get there.

All you have to do is visit think link.  Scroll to the bottom to Post a Comment. 

Enter your name and email address (emails are not shared) and leave a comment in the entry field stating you vote for City Mom and click Post Comment.  It should take you less than one minute and there’s no signing up or telling your life story in order to vote.

If you like City Mom and you like my article then please vote for City Mom!  I’ll be representing Canadian and London Moms alike!

Thank you!

City Mom