Bratz Action Heroez: A Fun Gift That Won’t Break the Bank


Your favourite Bratz are back but this time they’re in disguise and doing good around the world. Each Bratz® Action Heroez™ figurine comes dressed in an action hero outfit including a cape and funky accessories.


Like all strong female heroines, each Bratz® Action Heroez™ doll has her own special power. We got to meet and learn about Cloe whose special power is her speed dash. She’s a fashion-obsessed, vegetarian, art-loving girl who loves taking photos of her friends and shopping! Her friends say she’s sweet but tough! Just the girl you want on your side!


Cloe doesn’t work alone; her superhero friends include Shira and Yasmin, both with their own special powers, colourful outfits and unique personality traits.

Each doll comes with a hairbrush and a mini Action Hero figurine that unlocks two games through an iPhone app at no cost.




Once you download and unlock the iTunes app (instructions included) you can get started with one of two games modes. In Adventure mode, kids can choose one of five Action Heroez characters and work to save their world from threats.

When playing in the Virtual Experience, you can use the mini figurine to make your Bratz come to life. In this 3D world, you can train your Action Heroez, change her outfits and interact with other characters. Both games are pretty entertaining and fun for young kids. Little S loved it once we got her all set up.


The Bratz® Action Heroez™ are available at major retailers in Canada. They are reasonably priced at $29.99 which makes for a great gift this Christmas or even a birthday party gift.

Check out the Bratz website for more information and to get a look at the other Bratz characters.

If you were a superhero, what super power would you wish to have?

Happy holidays!

City Mom