Urban Exposure: Bellies2Babies

Bellies2Babies is a birth and postpartum doula service in London (also services St Thomas, Strathroy & Stratford) and their mission is to help moms and families to have positive and empowering birth experiences. This is something that I have always believed to be a very important aspect of pregnancy and child rearing. That is why I am so happy to share Bellies2Babies on City Mom this week as the Urban Exposure feature.

Bellies2Babies offers many important services for women and families a like:

  • Prenatal, birth and postpartum support
  • Birth pool/pump rentals
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Bellycasting
  • Postpartum support including breast-feeding/breast pump rental
  • Group and private prenatal courses including London’s first Multiple Birth prenatal class


If you’ve given birth before you’ll understand the following. If you haven’t, reading below may help to understand the benefits of asking a doula to join your birthing team.

Having your partner act as your birthing coach while wonderful, can affect your birthing experience. While you may be the one physically giving birth, it is also very much about them. How can they coach and guide you when they’re also experiecning something so amazing as well?

While my husband was extrememly supportive and encouraging during our labour process, he was also excited, nervous and worried. I did not have a doula service and I really wish I did. Someone by my side whom I could trust but was also a professional and experienced in the birthing process who could help to guide us both and reassure us in times of uncertainty.

A Bellies2Babies doula allows your partner to be as involved in the labour process as s/he wishes. The doula can coach you on comfort measures, provide that physical, emotional and educational support as needed and take the pressure off you and your coach’s need to ‘perform’.

When you include a Bellies2Babies doula during your care you can expect:

  • 3-4 Prenatal visits lasting 1 ½ to 2 hours each. During these sessions you will discuss in depth your wishes, thoughts, feelings, and expectations regarding labour and delivery and the doula’s role as a support person.
  • Help in preparing a birth plan and discuss what choices need to be made during labour.
  • Review of your decisions for coping with discomfort, and the possibilities for relaxation, breathing, visualization techniques, and positions for labour.
  • Informational support on common interventions; what they are, the benefits, and the risks to allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Unlimited telephone, text and email support for the duration of your pregnancy to 6 months postpartum.
  • Continuous labour support. You decide when your doula  joins you in your journey, and when they leave. They like to stay for about 4 hours after birth to ensure breastfeeding has been established (if applicable), your home is tidied after birth (if applicable), and you are resting comfortably.
  • 2 postpartum visits lasting 1 hour each to ensure that the postpartum adjustment is going well.
  • Discounts towards other services, such as birth pool and TENS rentals, and placenta encapsulation.
  • The Bellies2Babies Wellness Package. This is part self guided Childbirth Preparation Class, part quick reference guide. It is filled with great goodies as well!

And all of the wonderful women at Bellies2Babies are moms too so they get it. They understand the unique feelings regarding pregnancy as they’ve been there too. They trust the natural process of birth and want other women to know that they can as well have a positive, empowering birth experience.

Lindsay’s support, friendship, reassurance, knowledge, and physical assistance was exceptional. I was able to have a drug free birth! Having someone there for the whole process starting in pregnancy through to post-natal at home was worth so much to me and my growing family. – Laura G