Caring for the Earth and your kids one sip at a time { New Brita Kids’ Bottle}


Little S takes a water bottle with her wherever she goes. I should say that I send a water bottle with her wherever she goes. I remember being a kid (before water was sold by the bottle) and feeling like I was dying of thirst while I was on-the-go with my parents. I always had to wait until I got home and sometimes that took forever.

I always fill up her stainless steel water bottle with filtered water before we leave home. I’m not into buying bottled water unless we absolutely have to. I feel sort of guilty adding to all the waste so reusable bottles are right for us.

The only problem with this is that when we have to fill it up, it’s often not with filtered water. That is why I am super stoked about sharing today’s post with you!

It takes an estimated three litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water. –


Lucky for us we got to try out a Brita® Kids’ Bottle before they hit stores. From its cute design (pink with butterflies had Little S really excited) to its water filtering capabilities, this reusable water bottle is a hit with both kids and parents.

The child-sized addition to the Brita® Bottle line, the Brita® Kids’ Bottle is a squeezable, reusable bottle that filters water as you drink it, making it convenient for your little ones to enjoy great-tasting tap water at school, camp and wherever.

The new Brita® Kids’ Bottle will be available at mass merchandise stores across Canada in August 2012.

Worldwide, an estimated 2.4 million metric tonnes of plastic are used to bottle water each year. –


Did you know that one Brita® water filter can replace up to 300 plastic water bottles? And if that alone doesn’t having you feeling good about this reusable bottle here’s more about the Brita® Kids’ Bottle:

  • BPA free and recyclable
  • One filter can last for 2 months (that’s 393 servings)
  • One pack of two filters costs only $7.99 CAD (that’s less than $2 a month)
  • Dishwasher safe on the top rack
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odour from tap water
  • Made with soft side wall for little hands to squeeze
  • The suggested retail price is $8.99 for one bottle with filter


Visit and print your coupon that will allow you to save $2 on any one Brita Bottle or Brita Kids’ Bottle. Oh yes, they come in adult sizes too!

You’ll also find more facts and tools on You can sign up to receive electronic reminders notifying you when it’s time to change your filter and when you sign up, you’ll receive a $2 off coupon on your next filter purchase.

Until next time stay hydrated!