Buying a Furnished Model Home is Painful!

Buying a Furnished House

See that picture above? The cute little starfish? Pretty right?

Well, all I can see is this:

Buying A Furnished Model Home

These labels have become the bane of my existence. You see, every single item in our house (when we moved in) had a sticker just like this on it. I mean each fork, napkin ring, pillow, rug, lamp, soap dispenser…the list goes on.

I assume the stickers are for inventory purposes as the choice to buy furnished is not mandatory. This way they can track which items are in which model home etc.

The day we took possession I came in to spend two days cleaning the house from top to bottom. It’s not that it was overly dirty, but we wanted to start with a clean slate. When I discovered these little pains in the butt were on everything, I began attacking them like a fruit fly on wine (I have experience with this).

By the end of only day one, I noticed a sharp pain in my finger; it seemed to be coming from under my fingernail. It really hurt. I finally realized that it was from using that finger all day long, to get under each sticker to peel it off.

On day two I came prepared with a scraper to assist me in my tribulations. But guess what? It didn’t work nearly as well as my fingernail, and I was working against a deadline; we were moving in the next day and you know what they say, ‘no pain, no gain’ so a picking I went, all day long.

I know what you’re thinking, wow, this is really a first world problem and I agree; we are so fortunate to have been able to buy a beautiful new home with beautiful new furnishings. And in the end, this is just some fun food for thought.

But every once in a while, I walk past something or pick an item up, and guess what? There’s a pesky little label staring back at me and I swear I can hear it whisper “you’ll never find us all!”

City Mom