Fabulous Londoners: Andrea Nair, M.A., CCC

Andrea Nair

I love writing about the skills and talents of fellow Londoners. Today I’m enthusiastic to share another fab Londoner and an equally fabulous book that she has written; Andrea Nair and her psychological novel stripped down running.

I read  STRIPPED DOWN RUNNING to share my opinion in the form of a book review. But I was so moved by the story that I had to know more so I did a little Q & A with Andrea. But first, here is why I loved the book so much.


Stripped Down Running by Andrea Nair

I imagine that Hannah (the main character) is someone that I would be drawn to in real life. I think outwardly, she’d make a good friend and even more, an interesting person to be around. Her personality seems strong and magnetic, yet her impulsiveness seems chaotic. I don’t know why but this draws you in and keeps you glued to the page.

I felt like I related to Hannah. It’s not necessarily because we share the same characteristics or even the same type of childhood, but on some level, I think we can all see a piece of ourselves in her. She’s motivated by her heart, or so it seems. It’s not until we dig further into Hannah’s past that we see how much of a role our childhood’s play in our future.

This compelling psychological novel dramatically highlights the impact of what was thought to be sort of a normal family upbringing. As a young adult, the heroine tries to outrun her past, but like so many childhood influences, outdistancing one’s early years does not always work.

Her relationship with her husband in convoluted and it’s interesting to see how that unfolds. Again, I think this relationship is relatable for most. Whether it’s your spousal relationship, a friendship or a working relationship, they can all be complicated in some way or another.

Reading it from Hannah’s perspective is like listening to someone who’s experienced relationship turmoil first hand. It’s an honest, sincere confession of sorts. Although Hannah reveals some things about herself that you may not like, you forgive her. Her story is so raw and endearing that you end up falling in love with her and you find yourself rooting for her.


Andrea Nair is the author of STRIPPED DOWN RUNNING and a psychotherapist, Parenting Educator and Co-owner of The Core Family Health Centre here in London. Andrea is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to parenting and families.

It was really interesting to get educated on family relationships and parenting through a form of fiction writing. I think it was a clever and effective way of bringing an important topic to light.

I did a little Q & A session with Andrea to find out more about her background as well as to find out some more info on Hannah. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ Hannah again so I am anxiously awaiting her next book!

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself:

A. I am a parenting educator who loves to write! My husband, a family doctor, and I own a medical building called The Core Family Health Centre in London; which is where I base my parenting psychotherapy practice.

In my attempt to reach as many parents as possible, I have turned to writing to share the tricks and tips which research suggests and I find helpful with my own two boys. To reach the people who prefer to read fiction than self-help books, I write about parent-child relationships to show to how much this relationship continues to affect the children well into their adulthood.

Q. Is this the first book that you’ve written?

A. Yes, STRIPPED DOWN RUNNING is my first completed novel. I am 8,000 words into my second novel.

Q. Who is Hannah?

A. Hannah, the main character, is someone you could easily relate to, love, laugh with, but also want to choke! Her fun sense of humour and edginess pull us in but her wild behaviour makes us wonder what the heck is she doing? And why?

Q. How did your background as a psychotherapist help to develop the character of Hannah?

A. My background as a psychotherapist helped Hannah’s character development because I really wanted to dig into the guts of what was driving Hannah’s confusing behaviour. I used my master’s degree research to put together a story where the reader would understand a bit about why people do the things they do. I also hoped to make Hannah’s character emotionally riveting.

Q. Will we hear more from Hannah?

A. YES! You will hear from Hannah. So far the next book as made me cry my own guts out.


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