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LittleEcoFootprint: Look Inside the April Delivery

Little EcoFootprint

LittleEcoFootprint’s April delivery of eco-friendly, non-toxic mama and baby items continued to exceed my expectations.  Again, this month’s box is filled with practical and useful items that are safe and healthy for both me and my baby.


Earth's Berries

Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts “Mother Nature’s Detergent”: Not only are these natural detergent and softener “nuts” environmentally friendly, they make doing laundry economical too! You can reuse the nuts for multiple loads of laundry!  Then you can add them to your compost since they are biodegradable.  They are gentle enough to us on my baby’s clothing. Retail: $5 + a 10% discount code for

Dryer Ball

Maple Hill Dryer Balls coupon for $7 off:  Now that you’ve done your environmentally friendly wash, you will want to follow that up with an environmentally dry!  Maple Hill Dryer Balls cut down drying time and are good for hundreds of loads.  Retail: $10

Prana Machu Pichu

Prana Machu Pichu Nuts & Fruit Mix:  This deliciously organic “trail mix” is not your typical one.  It is made up of exotic dried fruits and nuts from around the globe that contain many vitamins that are sure to be healthy for a breast-feeding mama like me.  Retail: $5 (per trail mix package)+ $10 discount code for

Smith Farms

Smith Farms Red Berry Lip Tint: Smith Farms is a line of all natural skin care products and this lip balm feels great on my lips and is natural enough to kiss my baby with as well!  Retail: $6 + 20% discount code for

ReWood Toys

Re-wood Toys Boomerang Teether: This conscious creation for babies is all natural and non-toxic.  They make rattles, blocks stacking toys as well.  Retail: $11 + 20% discount code for

Wee Woolies

Wee Woolies Merino Beanie: Using pure merino wool from New Zealand, although designed and made in Canada, this little beanie hat is soft against my baby’s skin, and 100% natural.  Retail: $16 + 20% discount code for

Again I feel fortunate to be a member of LittleEcoFootprint and receive all of these great products that I might not have known about otherwise.  Being a new mom, I don’t have a lot of extra time to research products myself so having these delivered to me monthly has been fabulous and I recommend signing up to any new mom as well!  Can’t wait for May’s box!

May’s shipment will be sent early so that it will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Sign up today for that perfect gift to show the mama in your life you care!

Stay tuned…

Village Mom

LittleEcoFootprint March Delivery

Little EcoFootprint

They say good things come in small packages, and while LittleEcoFootprint’s March delivery wasn’t exactly small, it was definitely a good thing.

The second ever delivery of eco-friendly, nontoxic mama and baby items was even better than the first in my opinion. This month’s box is filled with many useful items that are both practical and safe for me and my baby.

 LittleEcoFootprint March

Let’s take a closer look…

Mum2Mum Face Washers

    • face washers 100% cotton face cloths from Mum2Mum: These little cloths are so soft and I have 100% confidence in using them on my newborn’s delicate skin. Retail: $4.99

Caree Jaune

    • Carré jaune: body wash and cream samples for baby + 15% discount code. These products contain:
      • NO Phtalates
      • NO Petrochemichals
      • NO Parabens
      • NO Synthetic or chemical ingredients
      • NO EDTA
      • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
      • NO BPA

      Retail $5.00 for sample sizes

John Masters Organics

    • John Masters Organics body wash: The Blood Orange & vanilla scent is almost edible. It’s invigorating and soothing at the same time. The products are made without sulfates.. Retail: $3.00 (for sample size)
    • Buncha Farmers Stain Remover: This all natural 100% biodegradable stain remover is amazing! I love using this product on my cloth diapers. It’s so effective and my diapers that are seven weeks old still look brand new. This is a product that I’m already a huge fan of so finding it in my delivery was perfect! Retail: $4.42

boske kids

    • Coupon for $10 off from This company features natural, vintage inspired clothing for children aged newborn to six years old. Retail $10.00
    • Crayon Rocks: these cool crayons are developed by Barbara Lee, a teacher of special needs children. These crayons are not only eco-friendly but they are perfect for children with grip strength problems and/or disorders effecting fine motor control.Crayon Rocks are made with Kosher soy wax and several other organic waxes such as carnauba; the colorants are derived from minerals and the fillers, which gives the crayon its body, is made of natural ground up rock. Retail: $1.75

ecojot growth chart

  • Giraffe growth chart by ecojot + a 10% discount code: A really cute unisex-style growth chart to measure all the growth milestones. Ecojot creates journals, sketchbooks, cards, gift wrap and more and of course all products are made with 100% post consumer recycled waste.

After receiving the March shipment from LittleEcoFootprint, I am more excited than ever to be a member of this awesome company! I’m learning about some fantastic companies and products that are healthy and safe for my whole family. This information is priceless!

April shipments will be going out on the 15th so you still have to time to sign up!

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LittleEcoFootprint: February Box

Little EcoFootprint

Hi City Mom readers. I am so happy to author my first post on I have been a long time fan and so I’m excited to join you as City Mom’s Baby Correspondent.

Don’t be mistaken, I am by no means a baby expert; my daughter is just two weeks old so I have a lot to learn. What I do hope is to bring you the best infant products and services in London and in the baby market today. I will share my honest opinions and my most favourite deals.


Today I am happy to share with you my review on LittleEcoFootprint’s first ever home delivery box of eco-friendly mom and baby items. I received my treat in the mail in mid-February and what perfect timing for our new arrival.

LittleEcoFootprint February

It was really exciting to receive a “surprise” package in the mail. Everyone loves learning that they received a delivery after all, and not knowing what exactly was in it was all the more fun. The nicely wrapped box arrived and I dug right in. Here’s what I found:

1. $5 gift certificate to Baby Organic Joy: this store is based in Toronto and sells organic baby products. The gift card is a good way to get to know this company. Retail: $5.00

2. Wooden Car from Bannor Toys: Each toy made at Bannor toys is handmade and not massed produced. When my daughter gets older and gains some dexterity, I think she’s going to love playing with this. I have peace-of-mind knowing it’s not painted with chemicals. Retail: $7.50

3. Caspar Babypants CD: Acoustic children’s music for kids 0 – 6. This is going to come in handy on road trips! Retail: $12.00

4. Eco Parent Magazine: A quarterly magazine to help families in making healthier choices. I can`t wait to read this from front to back. I’ll take any information I can get in this area. I also received a 20% discount code towards a subscription. Retail: $25.00/yr

5. GAIA Natural Skincare: I received a number of samples of the Baby Moisturizer and the Skin Soothing Lotion and a great BOGO discount code.

6. Mercury Chocolates: Made with world-class pure cocoa. Delicious!

7. Teething Bling by Smart Mom Jewelry : I can already tell that my little one is into jewelry; aren’t most girls? This is a necklace I can wear to add some colour to my outfit but I don’t have to worry about my baby putting it in her mouth. It’s designed for that! And another 20% discount code! Retail: $19.00

8. Mama Cream from The Pumpkin Seed: 100% natural skin care. No chemicals whatsoever.


The list above is just the products I received. Along with all the discount codes, I also received a brochure explaining each item and the company it comes from. It also had great tips from the LittleEcoFootprint experts. I’m sure every mom will find this helpful but as a brand new mom, it’s invaluable.


To get your own monthly subscription and delivery of healthy products for your family visit:

See you next month!

Village Mom

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