Are You Truly Canadian? – Video


As I sat in the tanning salon waiting for a bed to be cleaned (I’m going to Mexico soon and need a good base before exposing my fragile Canadian skin to the southern sun) I overheard a conversation between two women.

One woman (who worked at the salon) was anxiously fiddling with the rim of her Tim Horton’s cup. You see, we’re heading into the third week of the Tim Horton’s RRRoll Up The Rim To Win contest so yes, it is the talk of the town…sort of.

The woman finally resorted to using a pair of scissors to cut the rim and reveal the magic words hidden beneath. The other woman asked what she was doing. She then went on to explain the art of rolling up the rim.

It dawned on me that whether you are a coffee drinker or not, knowing how to roll up the rim is a must for any Canuck. And I must admit I only recently learned the proper way to RRRoll Up the Rim.

So today I am going to do something I’ve never done before and something that is completely out of my comfort zone. But I am doing it in the name of all Canadians and the responsibility we have to be knowledgeable on this subject.

Please see the below video for instructions on how to properly roll up the rim:

So there you have it; the proper way to roll up the rim and City Mom’s first ever video post!

Pheww…I’m glad we’ve got that out-of-the-way!