A Fun Family Activity: Cascades Boutique Cardboard Christmas Tree

Have you heard of Cascades ecological Boutique before? If you haven’t you’ll want to read on to learn more about this forward-thinking, eco-friendly company and their fun products.

Cascades is the largest recoverer of wastepaper in Canada. From 100% recycled fiber wrapping paper to cardboard children’s tables to cardboard bird houses, you’ll find something for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. With products made from recycled goods you gain the confidence in knowing you contributing to the environment. And the products are high quality, not flimsy box-type cardboard.

We received a Moderno cardboard Christmas tree from Cascades Boutique. I was impressed with how sturdy the cardboard seemed. I opened up the package to start assembling the tree and felt overwhelmed at first. There were sheets of card board with cutouts and I wondered how, without instructions (expect for the diagram on the box) I was going to put the tree together. Thankfully I learned it was a breeze to assemble and it took me less than 20 minutes to do so.

The rest was pure fun as Little S and I set up our ‘paint shop’ to decorate the cardboard ornaments that come with the package. The options of decorating are endless. We chose a white tree, but it also comes in green. And we painted the stars and circles with reds, greens browns etc. We finished our tree off with a sparkly red garland.

Given more time (and there’s always next year) I would love to let Little S draw and colour the background of the tree and add her own personal touch. The images below demonstrate some ideas from the Cascades Boutique website.


The Classico Cardboard Christmas Tree is made of 100% recycled cardboard and retails for $33.00 CAD. The Moderno sells for $37.oo. Right now Cascades Boutique is offering free shipping when you spend $120. The tree comes in white and green and shipping is super fast!

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