Yogurt the Ogre – Free Offer & Book Review

Yogurt the Ogre

Yogurt the Ogre

Come and meet Yogurt the Ogre and his friends in Mudd Hollow.

Little S and I were fortunate to receive a copy of Yogurt the Ogre, A Magical Tale in Mudd Hollow from David Rendimonti, co-founder of  pdoink Inc., the company that publishes the Yogurt the Ogre series.

Here’s what David has to say about his company and the books.

“We’re a small but mighty publishing company that seeks to inspire families to learn and grow through story.  

“With three stories aimed at 3-8 year olds, Yogurt the Ogre is an adventurous, sweet and fun little ogre that teaches kids to care about family, friends, their environment and themselves.  In addition to the Yogurt he Ogre story, each book has a shorter story at the end for a quicker bedtime read.  We playfully call this our 7 o’clock and  8 o’clock innovation.”


Yogurt the Ogre

I loved reading this story to my daughter. We both enjoyed the story and the illustrations. And I love the lesson it teaches. I don’t want to give away too much of the tale so I’ll just share a quick summary.

Yogurt and his friends have lots of fun playing at Poplar Peak one day; when it was time to end the day they decided to leave behind all their items so they’d be available the next day. When they realize what implication this has on the environment, they go back to clean it up, only to discover the wind from the night before had scattered everything throughout the park.

They learn valuable lessons on how this affects the vegetation and wildlife. While following along with Yogurt and friends, your child is able to learn the lesson that the characters are learning too. It’s a fun way to convey an important message.

The 8 o’clock story, Sparkle Beach, is at the end of the book and offers a short story to share with your children.  This story also shares a look at the implications littering has on everyone and in a catchy, easy to read poem format. It’s really two books in one


Yogurt the Ogre

pdoink is offering City Mom readers a free download of the first three Yogurt the Ogre books. Just visit this link or www.pdoink.com to download. It doesn’t take long and you’ll be able to share them with your kids.

You can also buy the Yogurt the Ogre books in Chapters stores or Chapters online.

Yogurt the Ogre

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I hope you enjoy getting to know Yogurt and friends and learning with your kids. And if you’ve read these books before I’d love to hear your thoughts!


City Mom