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We’ve covered so many great topics on City Mom but one aspect we have not yet touched on is child safety. This topic can be quite in-depth because it seems that when our little ones come into the world, they are born without a sense of fear. Their curiosity seems to set them up for a lot of potential danger.

This week we visit the YMCA Children’s Safety Village and we get some expert tips about dog safety from Melissa Millet of In Dogs We Trust.

YMCA Children's Safety Village


What an amazing facility we have in London to give children (from Kindergarten to grade 4) a hands-on learning opportunity about road, home and fire safety.

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. –YMCA Children’s Safety Village

This child-sized village is located within the Fanshawe Conservation Area and features 26 mini-buildings in the outdoor portion. You’ll find realistic streets, working traffic signals, railway crossing a real school bus and much more.

Riding the mini cars at the YMCA Children's Safety Village

The inside portion of the Safety Village’s allows children get to work and learn within two classrooms and Sparky the Fire Dog’s apartment. Again, the hands-on aspects continue with a mini kitchen with pots and pans, toaster, oven etc.

The YMCA Children’s Safety Village’s programming is supported by the London Police Service and the London Fire Department. And for this episode we get to chat with two educators from these vital London services to discuss the curriculum that they teach at the village.

Learning with the London Fire Department

The YMCA Children’s Safety Village is not open to the public (expect one day a year) but is open for school visits and what’s even better is that it’s free for these class trips. If you want your child to experience all that the village has to offer, speak to your child’s teacher.




Tel.: 519-455-5437


In Dogs We Trust

This week Melissa Millett from In Dogs We Trust, her daughter Sienna and their dog Sophia visit us to share some excellent tips on child and dog safety. For example, do you know what to do if a dog charges at your child? And what would you do if your child got knocked to the ground by a dog in an attack?

Melissa demonstrates the actions that every child should know when it comes to dealing with dogs. She also points out some key things to watch out for such as how to behave when you approach a dog that is tied up and how to introduce your child to a new dog.

Melissa & Sophia

In Dogs We Trust is a motivational dog training business in London. What does that mean exactly? Well Melissa and her trainers use a positive based method to teach dogs what their owners want them to do rather than reprimanding them for the behaviours they do not want.

Melissa is also part of the Rogers TV London family as the host and Community Producer of Doggy House Calls.



Twitter: @In_Dogs_WeTrust


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