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LaineyGossip Faculty of Celebrity Studies

Photos courtesy of Sandra Dufton Photography

On Monday night I attended LaineyGossip and vitaminwater Canada’s The Faculty of Celebrity Studies event here in London. I was thrilled to be on the roll call list for this intimate and informative gathering.

While I’m not a die-hard celebrity gossip fan, or smuthound as Lainey refers to “them”, I do dabble in the occasional chinwag when it comes to certain celebs. But The Faculty of Celebrity Studies was about more than just celeb blather.


Before we dive into the juicy details let’s start with the food and drink. The food was amahzing and something to be talked about on its own; add the fun vitaminwater cocktails and well you’re skipping right to the head of the class!

Check out this fun vitaminwater cocktail:

vitaminwater Cocktail

  • 1 part Sour Puss Raspberry liquor
  • 1 part Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka
  • 2 parts go-go Mixed Berry Glaceau vitaminwater ZERO
  • Ice


Dean Lainey started us off with a conversation about privacy and social media. The other students in the class (mostly women) had a wide range of opinions on the topic and a really healthy debate resulted.

We talked about Tiger Woods and his recent request for privacy in regards to his relationship with Lindsey Vonn. After Tiger posted his “Sears portrait” type photos of him and Lindsey on Facebook, he requests privacy for their relationship. Seems like an oxymoron no?

Tiger Woods Facebook

Next, we moved onto the Afflecks; the all American, perfect suburban family. Likely the most photographed family on the planet but does that happen by accident? Apparently not; Lainey shared that 85% of the photos captured of celebrities and their kids do not happen by accident.

In most cases, the celeb’s publicist will tip-off the paparazzi where the couple and their kids will be. Check out the field day this paparazzo had with Jen and Ben and their children.

Photo from

So why do the Afflecks do this? Is it fair to their children who at this point have absolutely no say on their lives being shared with the world? And what are they marketing here? The American dream; motherhood?


Focusing on Jen and Ben and their growing brood led us into the discussion of celebrity motherhood and society’s obsession with it. Motherhood isn’t a new thing; we’ve been doing it for millenniums so why the sudden fascination?

I’m not sure that we decided that night and Lainey has her theories, but there’s no doubt about it; the masses are fascinated with famous moms and their babes!  Take the website for example, where you can actually choose to narrow the product search down by selecting “Shop by Celebrity”.  Are we that obsessed that we want to mimic their mothering choices?

We associate celebrities with prestige and if Christina Aguilera is pushing her son Max around in an OrbitBaby stroller then we want to do the same; this shows we’re in-the-know and we can afford expensive items like the stars. And the point of this; I’m not really sure as I opted for an average priced stroller because let’s face it, I’m an average mom.


The conversation didn’t end here.

Lainey gave us a Q&A period where we could ask anything about anyone! It was a true dirt-dishing-session. I learned a few things about a few certain people that I didn’t know before.  It’s all top-secret info of course but let’s just say that a certain gorgeous-eyed actor has a lot of talent in the bedroom but lacks luster in the personality department!



As the evening came to an end we were invited to take home some of the new vitaminwater Zero and of course we received our diplomas that indicated our success in completing the Hollywood Playbook Course with Dean Lainey!

What are your thoughts on celebrity gossip? Why do you think society is so obsessed? What do you think the media has done to motherhood?

City Mom